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What Your Closet Is Saying About Your… Happiness

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Do you ever walk into a room in your house (say your… closet?), and just close your eyes, shake your head, and close the door and pray that no one else ever sees the mess that it’s in?

Well, you’re not alone friend.

When you notice how bad the chaos is, you’re being invited to not just organize it, but also discover what part of your personality you’ve also been hiding and locking up inside of you.

When we start to take an empowered stance on our outer world, and creating order and safe spaces to be in, it makes it so much easier to create order in your inner world, that of your mind and confidence. Your outside results in your business are a direct reflection of what’s going on inside of you.

In this episode, you’ll get some bonus instruction on how to shape up your closet or any other personal space that is in disarray, and use that momentum to start creating the internal order that you’ve been searching for so that your foundation for growth is strong, stable, and ready to take on whatever comes next!


woman sitting holding yogurt in her lap

Are you a clothes-in-a-pile-on-a-chair or neatly hung-on-hangers-in-your-closet kinda person? 

Do you ever struggle with the overwhelming pile of shoes on your closet floor or are they stacked and labeled?  Does your laundry pour out of its hamper like a monster creeping to come get you in the night or can you say, “Umm, laundry day is Thursday and Sunday!”?


The story your closet tells can say a lot about what is happening in your life.  While the surface of your home may be in order, if your private spaces lack that same beautification, it may be time to take a deeper look into your life, friend!


Follow along with me on this podcast episode or read below to find out more about 5 tips on transforming your personal story into happiness and success. Let’s dive in!



I have a friend whose home was clean and homey.   This same friend invited me into her closet, her personal space, which told a completely different story.  Gone were the organizational systems and colors of her home.  It was easy to observe that the dumping ground that was her closet told the story of her unhappiness. 


See this friend, the one with the put-together home but disaster of a closet, was really unhappy with her body.  She would gain weight in stress and lose during restful periods.  She was a people pleaser, putting herself last, and her relationships vacillated between unsatisfactory to mediocre. And she didn’t need her closet organized… she needed a life reorganization! 


Disorganized closet = disorganized life  


If you close the door to your closet so you don’t have to see the mess, what other areas of your personal life are you closing the door on?

What are your root issues that are recurring themes in your life?  And what do you use to deflect these issues?  Self-deprecating humor, food, lack of self-care? To ask a deeper question, “In what ways are you neglecting yourself?”

What are you in control of?


Creating order in our outer world can allow us to cope when there are times in life we can’t control. I’m talking about when our inner world may feel it is spinning out of orbit. We have an intuitive, unconscious knowingness inside us. When we pay attention, dig deep, and listen, it will tell us what needs to be repaired or transformed. 


woman standing in long coat


Take a personal inventory of your personal spaces + closets. 


Think closet. Bathroom. Office. Car. Bedroom. Any other personal spaces. How organized and clean are your spaces? Would you notice if a burglar came in and robbed you?  Or would it look the same?  You get the idea here!


5 Steps to Rid Closet Chaos and Make Room for Growth 

1. Take everything out of your closet space.

EMPTY your closet, shoe rack, drawers.


2. Make 4 piles

Donate, Trash, Keep, Undecided.  Pass through everything at least once.  Put trash and donation outside of your space, in the hallway, so symbolic of letting it go!


3. Once it is sorted, pick up the pile of trash and THROW THAT OUT. 

Then, put that donation pile in your car immediately!  We are physically experiencing removing what no longer serves us in our outer life to create space for more.


4. What you keep, you need and want in your life. 

Put it away in its spaces.  Put back those shoes you love.  Hang up the clothes that feel beautiful, successful, and happy to you.  Take joy in folding those t-shirts you love and best represent you!


5. For that undecided pile, ask yourself, “Do I love it? Does it bring joy?  Can I use it?  How do I feel in it?”

Feeling guilty about a purchase and keeping it allows that decision to control you.  Sometimes, some things we have invested in may no longer serve us.  Have the freedom to say GOODBYE!


woman standing up holding clothes on a hanger looking at t hem


When applied to your business, this deep cleaning and physically getting rid of what is no longer serving you, strengthens your organizational muscle.  This organizational strength and muscle growth allow you to focus more easily! 


Physically, you have less clutter in your office space, you can find your paperwork, and you can feel more present and focused on your work. And as you move forward and grow your business, this strengthening of your organizational muscle moves to the practical, inner aspects of your business like helping you make new decisions, such as, “Should I take on this new client? Or should I hire that new team member? Or, how would that assistant be useful to my business?”


So, grab that glass of wine, friend, and appreciate what you have done and have left in your closet.  It is what you love!  Of course, this isn’t just a closet reorganization.  This is a way of living that allows us to have an appreciation for what is going on in our lives.


It’s about building our muscle memory of gratitude and appreciation.  About taking inventory of our closets, but really about our lives, our businesses, and our relationships.  It’s about keeping what’s important and useful and getting rid of the excess of what no longer serves us.  LET THAT FREEDOM RING because that can be your story!  


In life, we are meant to grow.  And life feels easier when management systems of organization and efficiency are in place


It feels easier and more fun to serve our clients, grow our business, and leave our lasting impact and legacy when order is established in our inner and outer lives. GO GET ‘EM, TIGER!


Podcast summarized by the lovely Amber Lea Russell – you can check out her site here!


Check out the full podcast episode here:

BONUS: Check out my in depth spring cleaning guide in this 10 step blog post!! Yes, I know. I’m a bit of a clean freak!!! 🙂

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