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I see you, and I see your hard work.  You are committed to your clients and your values. You strive to become a better leader in your business, a healthier human in your personal life, and a better friend.  Your efforts are noticed, and I value the work you are doing.  Which is why I am inviting  you to retreat from your life with me for a weekend.

I see that while your aim is as high as the stars, there are struggles and hardships along the journey. 

Progress can feel like one step forward and two steps back. You aren’t alone in this. I see the frustration in knowing that something is missing from who or what you want to become.

In day-to-day work and living, finding space for the growth and development needed to unlock personal potential is hard.  When you dream, is it about your growth and development?  Do you see the areas that require deep work but may not have the energy or space to make these changes happen?  

I invite you to retreat with me in Michigan’s green and temperate climates to connect, introspect, and collaborate.  


garden gate in stone with leaves background

Within the weekend retreat, we will remove ourselves from our everyday physical and mental spaces. Here we will do the hard work of evaluating our belief systems. Together we will move toward unlocking our human potential to live life more abundantly. 

There will be time and space here to connect, dive into introspective work while collaborating within group coaching sessions.

This retreat is for the soul looking to unblock areas that feel stuck, who wants to examine declining business sales, searching to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with clients or others in life.  This retreat is for those knowing they want to advance but may not have the tools, time, or energy to make it happen. 

Using psychology and business science principles at the retreat, you can expect a subconscious dive into areas that need work and an examination of these limiting beliefs that hold us back.

In this space, we will devote the time and energy to get to the root of issues and limiting beliefs. This will not be a Band-Aid fix.  Instead, this retreat will help you create permanent changes where you will learn about yourself, learn about what may be holding you back, and help develop a personal growth plan to get you to where you want and need to be. 

The work will be deep searching, soul seeking work. Not the day-to-day work of sitting in front of your computer or attending conference calls.  Instead, this profound work is the kind of work that is the action of change.  We will commit to customizing what YOU need because there is no one-size-fits-all to your growth.  


dark wood table with cup of coffee on it and pad of paper and pen

Authentic moments of growth happen when we face our beliefs stripped down and raw. 

Growth is not easily accomplished in the daily version of our lives, where our task lists require completion.  To stare at our beliefs and understand what may be keeping our progress at bay requires personal commitment and time to find these answers.  This Retreat can help you dig down deep into your beliefs, finding areas you might be stuck to make room for the next version of you.  The work you will accomplish at this Belief’s Retreat is a commitment to you and your personal growth. And the daily discipline required to make the change you need.

This Retreat may shake up your current efforts to gain a new perspective and movement forward in your life’s journey. 

If you are excited to embrace new: a new dream you want to accomplish or new potential you want to unlock, then take this opportunity to Retreat and embrace this fresh start in you.

To be put on the weekend retreat waitlist, sign up here. You’ll be notified by email of the next available one.

With gratitude to you and your journey,



Want to get to know me better? Tune into my podcast to get a feel for my philosophy and how I am supporting myself and others to create our own happiness, one intentional moment at a time.

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