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Queen2.0 masterclass

HURRY! THIS OFFER ENDS on tuesday september 22nd at midnight eastern time zone

I'm here to help you make sure that you2.0 never steps out of the
game again.

Listen sis, Queens don't sit on sidelines.

You’ve got a lot going for you in your kingdom already: relationships, family, your health... but you know you were meant for more. You're ready to listen to those little nudges of intuition, the inner voice saying 'there's more for you, stop apologizing for being fabulous, you're not extra, you deserve luxury and time for yourself!' 

Stepping into your role of being the Queen of your life will often leave people around you unsettled. You are ready to use your voice and speak up about how you want to be treated. (Hint hint) it starts with how you treat yourself. 

Come join our community of awakening women who are also learning to rule their lives with grace and intention. Get off the sidelines,  put on the crown, and be the Queen you know you were meant to be.

Are you a Queen sitting
on the sidelines?

sound familiar?

The Queen2.0 Masterclass is for women seeking to grow their awareness of what's possible in their lives, while taking inspired action leading to big results. Women who show up unapologetically with a group of other badass Queens ready to own the lives they are living.

It's time to stop pushing our own desires aside under the guise of 'this isn't the right time.' Sis, if your intuition is leading you, it's ALWAYS the right time for change (however your analytical mind may tell you otherwise). But I see you. And I see you ready to step into your limelight. 

You're ready to wear the damn crown in EVERY aspect of your life. Why would you wait for someday to become the Queen of your life?

Let's start now.

some day... some year...

NO, the time is NOW.

I'm here to be your crown polisher + royal booty kicker

Let you wake up living your ideal day. Everyday. No bullshit. Just you being totally in-love with your life and what you're designing for it next

Attract new opportunities, people, and ideas to your life

Have you taking inspired action to live your dreams NOW instead of 'some day'

Transform the way you think about your future


For 3 months, we’ll work together to build a rock-solid foundation for your empowered lifestyle + belief mindset so that you can scale your life and soul in epic proportions. You’ll be surrounded by other fabulous, unabashedly amazing women who are determined to grow, just like you. Through group coaching calls, live online retreats, guided study, and abundance of community support, you’ll blow the roof off of what you thought was possible.

time to step into your badass queen.
a.k.a. you2.0™

guess what?

- Jessica d.

Christa digs into the exact issues and compassionately, but firmly gives you the step by step to get out of your own way and achieve greatness.

she transformed my business and helped me achieve the next level in my business in a month!

the reviews

How to leverage the type of momentum that you want, and how to stop the negative momentum in its tracks

How to tap into your intuition and start creating new results in your life without relying on the opinions of others

What inspired action is, and how to start taking it (hint hint, it's actually fun).

The mechanics of how your mind works,  and how to use it to your advantage when you want to create change

How to intentionally design a life that you love

How to tune into who YOU2.0 is... both emotionally and physically


YOU2.0 is prosperous, visible, spiritual, unapologetic about her desires and dreams, relentless in the pursuit of them, feminine, generous, sexy, and hilarious. 


the course

How it Works

time to embrace your inner queen2.0

Sign up and receive video & written tutorials broken up into 12 easy-to-digest sections. Each lesson contains practical and actionable advice.

Join the Fun

Get access to a private Facebook community where you can discuss, ask questions, get business feedback, and collaborate with others.


Participate in Q&A sessions where I share Queen2.0 growth tips, removing belief and energy blocks keeping you stuck, and answer your questions.  BONUS  we will also mastermind and leverage the Badass minds of the other women in the group!

Virtual Support

What you get...
- 12 guided lessons
- 12 journal promptings
- 12 mantras
- 12 guided meditations
- 12 experiential exercises
- Weekly Q&A
- Weekly Live Coaching
- Dynamic community  of other badass women
- Guided meditations and matras

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...
Bonus #1: 1:1 30 minute strategy  session  with Christa
Bonus #2: Christa's personal Strategy + Action Guide to take inspired action toward YOU2.0

Ready to learn?

Epic living is on the other side of change


We will dig into your current belief system, understand where our beliefs come from, and the most common beliefs that are standing in your way of living YOU2.0.

I will teach you how to remove your blocking beliefs so that they are permanently a thing of your past.



Your mind is marvelous. Incredible. And a tool that you can use for your growth, or you can use to keep you stuck, safe, and as YOU1.0. 

Once you understand how it works, I'll teach you how to strategically use it as your new superpower to step into your Queen2.0.





the topics

- Heather f. 

I need a telescope to see who I was and how I used to think about myself and my results. Working with Christa has forever changed how I run my business, parent, and show up in this world . Thank you!

I can't even recognize who I was from a few months ago... let alone a year ago

the reviews

It’s still crazy to say out loud, but within 2 years, I turned my coaching passion into a thriving company that leads with intuition + momentum. What I’ve discovered from teaching thousands of empowered women + entrepreneurs is that most people want to know my "secret sauce" for building a badass mindset and stepping into the life you were meant to live.

Love, my purpose in this world is to shine a light so brightly onto YOUR light, that everything I see in you, you see it 10-fold. And here's the best news... creating the roadmap to get you THERE is the easy part (I know, everyone says that's the hard part. Nope, they're wrong). Your job? Stepping up to the mirror and unapologetically seeing the divine woman within you waiting for you to trust, love, and start living as YOU2.0.

i’m christa. corporate leader turned vision + purpose coach


- Liz A.

Going through a transitionary time in my life, and working with Christa really kept me grounded and staying tuned into what was important to me during that time. Thank you!

I woke up and really felt like myself again.

the reviews

Join the Queen2.0 Masterclass today for a one time payment of $888.

Normal rate is $1,500. Due to the exclusivity of this limited launch group Christa is offering you a $612 discount. Use coupon code SEPTEMBERONFIRE at checkout. Limited to the first 20 who sign up.

limited time offer



best value

Join the Queen2.0 Masterclass today for only 3 payments of $325.
Normal rate is $1,650. Due to the exclusivity of this limited launch group Christa is offering you a $810 discount.

Use coupon code SEPTEMBERONFIRE at checkout. Limited to the first 20 who sign up.

limited time offer



most flexible

Ready to Begin?

Because we're ready for you!

best value!




When will it be the right time? I've priced this masterclass so low that you don't have to choose  between  sponsoring your kid's travel sports league or your growth. There's a reason you are ready to embrace YOU2.0. Don't let the momentum of the growth your seeking be slowed by any money paradigms around investing in YOU (PS, we'll also be covering money paradigms so that they don't keep holding you back as you continue to live your epic life!

Money doesn't have to be this taboo topic anymore. And it certainly doesn't have to be the reason to not fulfill your purpose.

This sounds amazing but I just don't have the $$$ right now. 


ready to live an empowered life?


come hang out on the 'gram

Join all of the other unapologetic + badass women and get access to my free library of workbooks, resources, and guides for fueling your empowered life as YOU2.0.

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