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An up and coming Podcast that is breaking the silence on how to upgrade your life with ease and momentum. This podcast teaches leaders how to leverage their momentum to leave their legacy. From tangible business how-tos to living your purpose everyday, We'll be having conversations connecting you to ideas you can integrate into your life to propel you on your journey of growth to that next amazing version of you..

Hope you're ready to step into that next amazing version of you...

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welcome to coffee with christa!

The go-to Podcast for all humans looking to step into their next version of badass.

What would it be like to wake up everyday, aligned with YOU? Start intentionally creating that next amazing version of you in business, health, wealth, love, and so much more! Together we'll discover how focusing on tangible actions will upgrade your mindset to 100% badass.

You want to become that next version - feeling aligned and empowered

You're over 'forcing' your success into your life

you're in the right place!!

You're curious and enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts to grow and change your life, and the lives of others

This podcast is for you if:

You have this inkling that within the day-to- day life there's more to be discovered

This is a podcast about intentionally creating that next version of you. Every episode feels like you're having a cup of coffee with that friend who both inspires you and kicks your butt into action at the same time.

“Christa dives right into the heart of what makes successful business leaders and entrepreneurs tick...”

these five star reviews probably aren't wrong

- Piano player 333

“If you're looking to grow in every aspect of your life, listen to Christa!!!”

these five star reviews probably aren't wrong!!!


When you are aligned with the work you are doing there are no limitations to the satisfaction your job will bring you. For me, coaching entrepreneurs into thriving relationships with themselves and their employees is my greatest joy. Serving you in business and mindset growth through planning, action, and confidence development is what alignment looks like for me. And together, we'll find the same for you.

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My superpower is my ability to listen, and dive right into the heart of the issue. We're not interested in superficial results...we're here for a life transformation.

Born out of my own professional and personal life experiences, serving others on their journey to YOU2.0 is my purpose.  The moment someone recognizes the limiting belief holding them back is worth more than any monetary sum. Pouring myself into this podcast has been an incredible joy. The guests are dynamic, inspiring, and raw. I hope you enjoy listening and being curious about life - cheers!

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