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This is about living your epic life in a way that is worthy of your legacy. 

Let's awaken you2.0

unapologetically, together

You know that voice that is inside of you.... whispering words and giving you glimmers of what could be for your life? It's time to unleash your inner Queen and become visible to yourself, and the world.

your inner queen is calling


Once we start seeing our inner Queen for who she is, a badass, a visionary, a lover, an unapologetic modern-day woman, we then start the journey to embrace what it means to feel like this woman.

embracing you2.0

Life is never the same when we start taking inspired action to live our epic legacy. It doesn't have to be hard, but we do have to know how to pursue YOU2.0 so that YOU1.0 doesn't sabotage the journey. 

epically living her...everyday



Join other modern-day women in the most supportive environment you could put yourself in as you reveal and unleash your inner Queen, your inner badass, your inner and true self. 

Grow together. Problem solve together. Throw the shackle off of what society believes you should do, and turn to your inner Queen for true inspiration. 

It's your personal journey. But you don't have to do it alone.

Rise together.

Queen2.0 Masterclass

empowered women empowering women

In this structured environment, you will have every tool at your fingertips to rise.

The community meets weekly. Expertly facilitated by Christa, you will bring any question to the group to foster your growth. Whether business, personal, or financial, this community will have an answer for you. 

Each week, you will have content given to you to foster your exploration, growth, and fearless pursuit of YOU2.0.

Think of it like your own personal YOU2.0 Mastermind. 

Queen2.0 Masterclass

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empowered women empowering women

"It's like Christa sprinkles her pixie dust, and the solution, the next step, it all becomes so clear. Actionable and inspired. I can't get enough of it!"

— Jessica d.

Fearlessly embrace YOU2.0

It's time to embrace what is rightfully yours emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, and romantically.


You have all of the answers love. All within you. Many locked up and now ready for you to expose them for you to live your greatest life EVER.

inspired action

Taking action that actually feels good feels, well, good! Let's challenge the status quo of 'hard work that breaks you' and create YOU2.0 with joy, love, and embracing the inner badass who's ready to serve this world and herself, in a whole new way.

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Not sure how to get your great idea down onto paper, supported by an actionable strategy?

One of Christa's superpowers is around the art of organization. Whether it's a closet, or an idea needing inspired action to bring it to life, she's got you covered! 

Steal all of Christa's best kept secrets to her high productivity. Did she tell you about the time she went from nothing, to a fully launched business with a website, courses, and income within the space of two weeks?

She used this system to rise to step into Christa2.0. And now she's sharing it with you so that you too, can fearlessly pursue YOU2.0.

This course includes instructions and a downloadable guide.

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Learn how to use your intuition to stay in fearless pursuit of creating and epically living YOU2.0. This online course includes an overview of your Chakras, how and why your energy gets stuck when you're creating something new, and a guided meditation to keep your energy, intuition, and momentum roaring forward. 

Support the badass that you are. Only for $11.

Feel Like YOU2.0 Is Getting Stuck From Idea Into Action?


Manifesting With Intuition


Pay $11 one time. Manifest forever.

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Want to create YOU2.0 by tapping into your intuition + taking inspired action?
I’ve got you covered. Get some of my top teachings for free.

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10X Your Effectiveness In 10 Minutes

free online workshop

Why Overanalyzing Your Life Is Keeping You Stuck

I’m a Fortune 500 company marketing leader turned coach + entrepreneur, who got tired of living by other people's expectations and started to live for my own purpose. I believe the best way to live an empowered lifestyle is to live visibly as the badass woman you are. Together, we’ll reprogram the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck so that you can create unapologetic momentum and abundance.

What is present in your life is a reflection of what you believe.

Friend, my purpose in this world is to shine a light so brightly onto YOUR purpose, that you can't help but see it too. And here's the best news... creating the roadmap to get you THERE is the easy part (I bet that's the first time you've heard that success can be easy). It's time to step up to the mirror and view unapologetically the divine woman that lives within you. 

There’s no more hiding your brilliance. Around these parts, I’ll be sharing my best 'how to' secrets to structure a badass mindset, allowing you to live an epic life of cultivated freedom, passion, and service.

Meet your peacemaker and applecart shaker.

Christa Molter


How well are you owning your inner Queen? 

Are you making choices that allow you to fiercely pursue and speak your truth, or are you hiding behind the safety and comfort of being the supporting actress? If you want to be the star of your own life, answer a few key questions for instant access to a customized path to living a life with passion. 

Discover your Queen Archetype

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Join all of the other unapologetic + badass women and get access to my free library of workbooks, resources, and guides for fueling your empowered life as YOU2.0.

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