Weight Loss
For Health Gain

For those looking to step into a new way of living and a new relationship with food. The Meon Nua Method focuses on building a sustainable, personalised plan to help you easily achieve your goal weight in a healthful way.

The Meon Nua Method


Ready to take charge of your eating? your food plan? your lifestyle?

The program is designed to empower you to continue your journey and teach you the methods to implement for long-term success

Supportive, motivational, personalised coaching

"Megan transformed the way I think about food, weight and my body. After years of yo-yo dieting I am able to maintain my ideal weight EASILY and enjoy food HEALTHFULLY."

RachAel M.

Here's What You Need:

tailored approach

The process is designed to be tailored to the individual to develop a unique plan for each person

proven experience

This is a professional service delivered by a pharmacist with both professional and personal experience in weight-loss coaching.

no more denying yourself

Stop focusing on all of the things you cannot have and be a part of the program that doesn't force you to take away foods... just add some new ones in.

For those looking to step into a new way of living and a new relationship with food. The Meon Nua Method focuses on building a sustainable, personalised plan to help you easily achieve your goal weight in a healthful way.

the Meon
nua method


Step One

Food diary analysis + review + tips on enhancing diet

program breakdown:

Step Two

Lifestyle review + customised movement plan

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Step Three

Mindset - overcoming emotional eating (structured process)

Step Four

Self-image - setting yourself free and embracing the you at your goal weight

Step Five

Accountability for momentum, support and motivation

Take a measured approach to shifting the way you think and act with food - we're in this for the permanent changes

8 weeks

Everything is customized to YOU including a food diary review + analysis + customization + dietary advice on enhancing nutrition


Enjoy 6 30 minute one-on-one live coaching calls with health nutritionist and pharmacist Megan Casey


How it works




The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?



sustainable weight loss


“Megan delivers a truly PERSONALIZED service. She gets to the root causes of your excess weight, and she solves them with you. This program is for anybody looking for LONG-TERM RESULTS. ”


A month from now you will wished you'd started today....

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I am confident in my ability to put together a plan that work will for you to find more fulfillment in your health. You're ready for change. Let's see if we're the right fit to do it together.

The Program Offers

One-to-one coaching with a trained healthcare professional designed to empower you to achieve your healthy weight goal, with benefits beyond the scales. These calls provide supportive accountability and allow us to collaborate and create the right plan for you.

Enhancing self-care, truly looking after your body as well as you can and prioritizing health with ease and support.

you're in the right place.

"I really enjoyed the weight loss process in Megan's 'kickstart' program. I have to say it is really POSITIVE and ENJOYABLE! She has really excellent health tips and creative ideas."

nora d.

Develop a relationship with food and embrace intuitive eating

Create an individualized plan, building the bridge to your full potential

Create effortless motivation and a new approach to weight loss, helping you release that excess weight for good

Clarify the direction you want to take your health

Conquer emotional eating 

Adjust habits to gain new results

By the end of the program,
you will...


I was my own first client.

My name is Megan and I’m delighted to welcome you here to Meon Nua. My personal and professional enthusiasm for health and wellness is inspired by my own weight loss journey and my career as a pharmacist.

First, I coached myself:
Growing up in county Clare, I enjoyed a healthy lifestyle and accompanying healthy weight as a child. My parents naturally gravitated towards ‘clean-eating’ and kindly shared that way of life with me. Having the mountains, rivers and seas as our own personal gym, I enjoyed great fitness and energy levels growing up!

After school I moved to Dublin to study and the change in lifestyle was a bit of a shock to the system!. I gained the freedom to buy my own food and cook for myself. You know that saying, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and all! This new-found freedom allowed me the creative license to indulge in anything I wanted, at any time! Unsurprisingly, I gained almost 30 pounds. I realised I had to figure out this new independence and learn how to ‘parent’ myself. It took a bit of figuring out!

For 6 years after, my weight fluctuated up and down. Losing weight, gaining momentum, then regaining the weight, losing momentum and so on and so forth. I felt as though I was going around in a circle. I tried many of the ‘diets’ marketed to help ‘lose weight’. And that’s all they did. I lost weight and after the diet was up, gained it back. What about maintaining the new weight?

I was in search of the answer. Over time, through trial and error, I figured out how to healthfully get to my goal weight, and easily stay there! Healthy eating and good food-prep habits helped me to achieve my goal weight, but the key ingredient, is truly mindset. I reprogrammed how I think about food and weight and as a result I happily achieved a healthy weight in a way that is kind to my body. After all, health is the real goal.

And so I developed a weight-loss program, that I wish I had back then:
Combining the lessons I’ve learned on lifestyle and mindset, my experience as a health care professional, and 100s of hours of studying, I’ve developed a unique program:
weight change for health gain. This project combines my two passions in life, philosophy and health sciences! The product of these pursuits is a well-rounded, mindset-led program with key practical elements to make the transition to your goal weight EASY AND FUN!

My aim for Meon Nua is to save you the trial and error, figuring-it-out process and present you with a tried and tested approach. And I’m excited to share this with you!

i can help because i've been there

And nowI know how to help!

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to live healthfully

The Meon Nua Method is a pharmacist-developed program, 
combining professional and personal passion for health and wellness.

Eat better, live better.
Embodying this mantra in habits and results.

 text on nutrition

 lifestyle tips

effective food preparation tips & tricks

enhancing self image and conquering emotional eating discovering the emotions that drive people to overeat

notes on self-care and looking after your body

creating harmony and peace

All the ways you'll be supported on your health journey with Megan: