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Life Hack: Reprogramming Your Mind In 4 Steps

Who says feeling like an imposter has to be a bad thing? Ready for a shift?

7 tips to Mastering imposter syndrome

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Reprogram Your Mind in 4 Steps

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Have you ever wondered why your life money story or love story seems to stay the same? Regardless of things going on in your environment, your financial or relationship status seems to roll along at the similar pace as last year?

Hey, if you can relate, join the party.

There is NOTHING more frustrating then realizing you’re in a cycle of ‘stuck’ when it comes to money or love in your life (or anything!). And you know what? There IS an answer to how you navigate away from the old stories, and into new ones that bring excitement and adventure to your life. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

In this episode I dive into two stories, one money and one love, from people who were stuck, realized the prison they were in, and took an empowered stance to change their lives and live with new relationships to wealth and love. And hey, this is part of growth isn’t it?

Finding the beliefs and habits no longer serving the YOU2.0™ life that you’re creating.


Jump into listening to the podcast, or keep reading for the recap below!



Are there elements within your life that feel like a proverbial Groundhog’s Day?  

Like you are stuck in the same loop in an area of your life? Suppose you have ever felt unable to break or change a cycle in your life, and WE ALL HAVE. In that case, you know that unpleasant and uncomfortable repetition that comes from living the same repeated process over again and again!  Listen up, friends, because this week’s podcast episode is for us.


My client, Dave, shared with me that he felt that way with his financial situation. He found himself stuck in a financial loop where he could pay his bills but couldn’t figure out how to break through the invisible barrier to increased financial goals.  


woman walking dog


Another sweet client of mine felt hopeless in her love relationships.  Every relationship ended with men walking away from her.  Why couldn’t she move to the next step in her relationships?


We don’t have to run around in circles. Let’s talk about how to break free from some of these repeated cycles to aim for something greater! 




Let’s dive into our actions and our thoughts.  These two components, our actions and beliefs, or our programming, can often determine how we receive or react to a situation.  The good news is that we can change the programming output of our processing and how we respond.  


How to Rewire our Internal Programming to Create a New Output:


4 easy steps to changing your habits on front with a desk image behind

Step 1:  What’s my response to these cycles?  

Is it serving me well?  If not, practice disconnecting from unhealthy emotions or belief systems. When we can remove harmful self-talk and programming, then we can make different decisions moving forward!


Step 2: What do I want to believe about myself moving forward?

What programming needs to be shifted out to allow room and space for the good in me?


Step 3: Pay attention to your self-talk. 

Am I speaking encouragement to myself?  Am I reminding myself how accomplished I am?  What am I good at?  How am I doing at loving myself?  What questions do you need to ask yourself to bring to the forefront the growth you want to see?


Step 4: Take action with your NEW belief and create your NEW life! 

Time to shift that programming.  Sky’s the limit!  


Remember Dave?  He often watched his family working so hard growing up just to make ends meet.  While this wasn’t Dave’s story, he didn’t feel smart enough to make better financial decisions to enable more financial freedom. By retraining his mind and emotions, he improved his self-talk to “Money can come more easily to me.  What I don’t know, I can learn. Work will come easy and effortless to me.”  As he began to practice implementing these beliefs in his life, his habits shifted, and he began to see positive changes in increasing his finances.


My sweet client looking for love?  She believed she wasn’t good enough to love. She changed her focus from thinking she was unlovable to understanding how to love herself.  “I’m good enough. I am worthy. I love myself.”  By letting go of the love she thought she needed from relationships, love came to her instead of chasing after it.  


What programming are you ready to shift out of in your own life?!  Let’s go!


Podcast episode recapped by the ever talented Amber Lea Russell – learn her copywriting secrets here!


Catch Episode 5 here on the Podcast and get more updates on upcoming episodes here!

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