The lifeblood of your organization is determined by the talent of your employees. Does your environment support them in showing up engaged, empowered, and wanting to go above and beyond for your customer?

let's develop, retain,and promote

employee engagement

How often are you employees  being 'seen' by your leadership team? Are you deliberately engaging them to bring out more of their strengths and support their development of lesser used gifts?



Once you've determined an employee is a fit for your company, the next question is how to develop them into leaders. And once they're leaders, how are you continuing to engage them to grow and lead others?


Is the path for growth clear, defined, and desirable for your top talent? Promote employee retention with a plan for continued engagement and rewards that ensure they grow along with your company.




Allowing employees to articulate and share what makes them special helps them to thrive in their roles improving their engagement. Your employees, like you, want to feel valued and know they are contributing in meaningful ways. Together, let's expand their knowledge of what makes them a valuable asset to your team.

How well can your employees describe their strengths?

Incredible leaders provide dignity and empowerment while emboldening their employees' growth.  Let's empower your leadership team to expand their mindset on getting the most from their employees and growing the organization through people development.

People don't leave companies. They leave people.

the joy of drawing out human potential

“Christa is a power-house that will lead you out of your comfort zone to accomplish more than you can imagine alone.

She will offer creative ideas, planning, hustle, accountability and ultimately help you achieve your most important goals.”

- bobby a.

When it comes to drawing out  human potential and engaging another person in their own growth, it's never a one size fits all. 

Learning about, developing, and teaching your employees to grow beyond their perceived limitations takes your business to new levels of success while positively impacting your own happiness and fulfillment at work. 

Whether we're delivering a product or service, it all comes down to people. People buying it and the people selling it.

As we develop those around us in our organization, the organization will organically grow in how it serves your customers. Engaged employees equals engaged customers. 

authentic leadership

THIS is the moment to bring your business next level.

You want more for your business - so what are you waiting for?

human potential

Let's discover together what makes your culture so special, and shine a spotlight on it.


Developing your leaders within their own talents always pays off.

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I am confident in my ability to lead another person to recognizing and reaching more potential. You're confident in the growth of your business. Let's see if we're the right fit to do it together.