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Have you ever experienced the frustration of painstakingly following/copying someone else’s marketing plan, only to have it be a total flop for you?

I’ve had that happen more times than I care to count. Because hey, sometimes we have to learn lessons over and over until they stick, right? Bruised ego and thousands of dollars later I’ve learned why it’s so critical to be authentic to YOU when marketing your business. 

Her Marketing Went VIRAL Effortlessly and Unintentionally

tie dye blocks behind words in pink purple blue and greenIt was my best friend, circa fall 2018. She put together this silly and fun post about counting how many jelly beans in the jar and guessing. If you guessed right and tagged some friends and shared the game, you’d be entered to win some of her goodies. Her goodies weren’t anything spectacular in terms of monetary amount. Just fun and out of the box (before everyone started doing it).

Homegirl went VIRAL. In a matter of weeks her facebook business page went from a few hundred to over TWENTY THOUSAND FOLLOWERS. Her success was so rapid and unexpected that Facebook legit shut her down until they learned she was a legit person with a legit business. 

She didn’t pay ads to boost her marketing. Didn’t talk 50 friends into liking the post to boost it organically. It just went viral

So, naturally, a few months later. I did it too.

I copied her Facebook Post, picture, everything, EXACTLY TO A ‘T’

And you know what happened?


Wait for it.

Oh yeah, this is going to be epic.


A few friends and a few family shared it and liked it. I may have had a whole 10 people to randomly pick from to do the marketing giveaway. Not even a fraction of the success she’d had. Just disappointment and crushed dreams on the other side of this social experiment. 

So what went wrong? Why did something so awesome for one person be a total flop for the next?


When she did it, it was authentic to her. When I did it, it wasn’t. 

Plain and simple. So let’s break down the attitude and actions that happened for each of us.plant on table and in brown bowl behind words

My friend’s marketing actions:

  1. She posted a picture of jellybeans in a jar
  2. She put words under it to make it a game and allow people to share with their friends and family for fun

My marketing actions:

  1. I posted a picture of jellybeans in a jar
  2. I put words under it to make it a game and allow people to share with their friends and family for fun

My friend’s attitude:

  1. Curiosity – I wonder how this will work out?
  2. Fun – I love games and competitions myself, this will be awesome!
  3. Joy for sharing something I love – I love living naturally and without chemicals and it’s fun to share that love with others!

My attitude:

  1. I want my business page to grow like my friend’s did
  2. If I do what she did, it will work out for me too the same way
  3. Pressure – oh man, I hope this works for me, please work for me, what else should I do to make it work for me!!!!!!!

Are you starting to see the difference in marketing actions versus marketing attitude?


5 Tips to make your marketing authentic to YOU!

1. The actual actions you’re taking are far less important than the attitude you have about the actions. 

Said another way: How you feel weighs more in the impact of the outcome than what you do. 

There’s two ways to win in this world. Competitively or Creatively. When you win competitively, you win by actions alone. You force outcomes. You feel you physically have to be the one to MAKE the result you want come to be. 

When you win creatively, you’re light and carefree. Your actions feel effortless and fun because you’re aligned and not pressuring yourself to have all of the answers and MAKE all of the outcomes. Instead, you own what you can, and give up the rest to the Universe. God. Whatever belief system you have that there’s something bigger than you at play in this world.


2. Stop all actions you’re taking until you take the time to tune into how your current marketing feels to the authentic you

This can be so tough. In an online world who is always reminding you that if you’re not ‘keeping up with the Instagram or Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest Jones’, then you won’t make it,’ it can be so damn hard to go against the grain. 

Your body may break out in sweats. You may feel anxiety in your body at the thought of stopping your social media strategy or whatever you’re doing for even a day to align with you. But hey. This is your empowered choice to make. Not mine. If you want to win competitively, then keep forcing yourself to do all the things while feeling completely not like yourself. It’s going to take longer and you won’t enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

However, if you’re willing to try something new. Then stop doing what you’re doing until you figure out what authentic marketing means to you.


3. Tune into what feels right for you

Start reflecting on what you enjoy about connecting with your audience (remember, it’s about THEM, not YOU… which is so damn easy to lose sight of in the online marketing game  you ‘have’ to play).

Write out the times and moments you felt most connected to whomever your product or service touches and affects. If you don’t have a smile on your face at some point during this exercise, then don’t get up from your writing yet.

4. Try out your new marketing methods with the attitude of a scientist

Bring your curiosity. Your joy for connection. An attitude of service and love and all that is authentic to you and how you see the world. 

You’ll never get it wrong if you’re aligned emotionally with the actions you’re physically taking.


5. Evaluate and pivot

Look at your last posts. See what connected. ‘Oh wow, people really enjoyed sharing their favorite soup ingredient, or giving me tips on vacation spots,’ or WHATEVER is relevant to your space. 

So sprinkle more of those kinds of questions and posts into your strategy. Be intentional, but keep curious and joyful. Plan, but don’t put pressure on the next post to perform the same way as the first one. Strategize, but recognize the moment you go from creating to competing, you need to go into a marketing timeout to realign.

What marketing actions have you taken for your business that felt so damn amazing and authentic to you?

Oh, and my friend? You can check out her growing empire here at The Mama Vault. She’s pretty awesome.



PS need some support on getting aligned with your goal? Check out my post here on Goal Alignment.

PSS struggling with building a robust plan? Here’s my bulletproof guide to planning like a pro that I use with my clients.

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