Is there an idea you've had to grow your small business that requires more focus, project management, and buy in than you're able to give it to bring it to life? 

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Has your business grown to the level where you need to start standardizing the best practices and procedures that have worked so far, but won't allow for scale?

process standardization

You have great ideas but the key to success comes with integrating them into your business. Together we'll develop a strategic plan with all the structure, organization and timing needed to ensure your projects finish as strong as you start.

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The hardest part of a project is never the completion of it... it's the integration into current human behavior. Let's minimize the change curve and keep up momentum with intentional employee buy in and support.

change management




The art behind change in an organization is just that... something learned through experience, study, and application. Changing the way people operate in their job requires intentional conversations, an understanding for the necessity of the change to grow, and the employee's desire to thrive. The types of conversations for a successful project implementation cannot be missed.

We implement strategies for change based on extensive study in  human behavior.

The science of actually taking an idea in its infancy and bringing it to life is exciting! Understanding the intricacies while keeping the big picture in mind is vital for project success and efficient action. This is a science, a process, and one that can fuel your business' momentum and growth when done right.

Everything feels better with a plan and action.

The art and science of change

“I can vividly remember sitting in a conference room with an executive team from one of our largest customers and watching the positive energy in the room elevate as Christa took the lead in facilitating the discussion. Christa's energy transformed the experience for all of us.

I learned an important lesson that day which I have applied in my life”

— tim s.

Your business is your baby. You've put your time, energy, money, and whole heart into delivering your products and services.

And you've been successful. You've made it through the lean and unpredictable times. It's time for more. 

Maybe you need to streamline your hiring process. Perhaps it's time to intentionally engage your employees in their own growth and development. Or perhaps you have that one project that's been on your mind and now it's time to take it from dream into reality. 

Who say's change has to be hard? Here at Christa Molter we believe change is the unlocking of new possibilities. With structured plans, asking the right questions, and bringing the team along in the journey, your finish line just got a whole lot more exciting.

Enjoying the change

THIS is the moment to bring your business next level.

You want more for your business - so what are you waiting for?

project execution

Let's pull all of the pieces together that are required for your dream to come to life.

change management

Bringing your team along when it comes to implementing change leads to company buy in and camaraderie.

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I'm confident in my skills to execute an idea into reality. You're confident in the growth of your business. Let's see if we're the right fit to do it together?