There's more to living and experiencing life than you've been doing so far - that's the moment we can't go back to living life as normal. It's the  moment you wake up to the realization of your untapped possibilities.

Together, we'll create a path for YOU2.0.

private coaching

Unknown just means your subconscious hasn't been unlocked to the possibilities. I'll ask the questions that will help you find the answers.

The fun part of working with a coach as you journey into that next amazing version of you is the outside perspective of what's really going on inside of you.

Growth triggers old programming that's buried in your subconscious. Coaching is all about moving past these programs that stand in your way so that you can change your mindset and live the life you know is possible.

The journey to becoming YOU2.0 is filled with unknowns.

you don't have to grow alone

Kick off your mentorship with a one day intensive. We will uncover blocking and buried beliefs that are keeping you in version 1.0. Then create a plan to step gracefully and intentionally into YOU2.0.

one day intensive

16 weekly 30 minute check-ins with Christa so that your accountability to your plan, your alignment with your goals, and your mental growth about what's possible in your life keeps going UP.

weekly accountability calls

Christa will pinpoint the areas of your mindset keeping you surviving rather than thriving. Together we'll unlock new mindsets that bring genuine success and growth.

mental changes

How it works

The moment I realized I was living someone else's dream was the moment I woke up...

We are either operating in survival (stress, anxiety, anger, judgement, criticism, fear) or in thriving mode (appreciation, joy, love, wholeness, worthiness).

Much of the success I've enjoyed in life has come from my need to be perfect - to be at the top at whatever I was doing - sports, academics, or leadership.

And what's wrong with that? Nothing. Except I was performing well for the approval of others instead of for the joy and appreciation for myself.

The problem with performing for everyone else is your worthiness is based on someone else's belief system. It's time to stop chasing  their definition of happiness and find your own. 

it all comes down to human growth and potential. i can help because i've been there.

I wouldn't trade my experiences. They brought me to who I am today.

If this resonates:

intrigued by your growth

You're an aware individual. You love learning, growing, and making positive changes in your life. But you know there's something bigger just outside your line of vision.

overwhelmed at 'the how'

There's a bajillion ways to grow. Who do you listen to? Who do you follow? How do you stick to it? What if you have a question? Ahhhhhhh, guess I'll start... tomorrow?

thrive with support

Look, you're a rockstar on your own. Period. But you just soar when you have the right support, mentorship, and accountability to keep showing up for your growth. 






So, how does this sound?

The Results:

An easy to follow + high impact strategy so that you easily own the daily decisions as the badass boss of your life and business

the accountability to stay focused and on point toward living an aligned life. no more chasing, forcing, competing, or burning out to win

the confidence that comes with living a life with intention and putting your attention into the areas that truly light you up

an expert business strategist, mindset coach & efficiency queen in your corner. because every leader has their own corner of support

a clearly defined and aligned goal to your growth that energizes and leaves you ready to take on the next adventure

start a conversation

"She not only sees the big picture she sees the steps needed to get you there."

- amber

"A turning point for me was in one specific discussion...

where we talked about my interest in obtaining customer testimonials. I was reluctant to make the ask of my customers and Christa helped me over the hurdle by showing me how the ask would be positively received. And she was right! I received great feedback from my clients from the action I then took."

be bold!

liz b.
cpa, cva, Co-Owner, Encoursa

"One of Christa's greatest strengths includes project management...

which enables her to see an idea from inception to reality through purposeful execution. For many of us dreamers, this is the critical, missing, link to success and she is the difference maker!"

bobby a.
Sr. Marketing Director, Fortune 500 Company

"Christa's approach to confidence and creating the self image has really helped me understand who I really am...

and it helped me massively with starting my business first and then later quitting my full time job."

dusan b.
Elite Athlete, Entrepreneur


be confident!

be authentic!

“Working with Christa throughout 2020 has allowed me to create a momentum with my business I would not have been confident to do on my own...

- Josie r.
Owner, Josie Joan Creative

especially during 2020. Through her coaching I have become more self aware of my strengths and took the next steps in growing my business.”

“Christa believed in me when I didn’t. 

- shauna c.

She instilled that confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to and always provided fantastic support and guidance on any questions or issues I had."

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Not everyone is the right fit, and there's nothing more important than fit when it comes to your growth. If my message is resonating with you, then let's chat further.

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let's do this!

"Christa helps to engage you in owning and achieving your goals in life.

She doesn’t tell you what to do but rather she leads you by helping you create sustainable changes by equipping you with the tools needed to succeed in all areas in life."

erica r.
Director value analysis, Healthcare System

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