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Business strategies and accountability coaching for entrepreneurs becoming the CEOs of their business and their life

The ceo corner package


First off, congratulations! People are buying  your product or service. They are LOVING what you're offering to them. 

What a major milestone and accomplishment - I hope you're celebrating with an Irish Coffee at 9am on a Thursday (because hey, you're the boss!).

So now it's time to decide what's next. Do you scale, or continue to grow your business as a one woman show?

now what? do you scale bigger or do you stay in your comfort zone?

you made it past the start up phase

"She not only sees the big picture she sees the steps needed to get you there."

- Lea R.
owner, amber lea photography

My first project saved the company $6.5 million. That was over a decade ago and just the beginning...

I can't wait to get to know you, your secret sauce, your hidden talents. And share with you mine. 

At this point in your business you need a clear goal that drives your inner passions. But more than that, you need a clear and actionable plan to get you from here to there, and accountability to stick to it. 

A plan + accountability will keep you from deviating into old habits.

Using my proven mindset coaching you will grow your confidence and those pesky old habits will melt away so you don't keep you playing small in the sea of possibility. 

Hi, I'm Christa. I have a propensity for streamlining, seeing through the bullshit, and taking meaningful action that creates huge results. 

i can help because i've dedicated my life to producing goals and plans that create millions in savings and revenue

And I know I can Help You.

clarity is here:

a definite plan

Once you decide you're taking your business to the next level, you need a crystal clear goal and accompanying PLAN to get you there.

action that matches the goal

So many entrepreneurs fall short of running their business as CEOs because if they get the plan, they don't take the consistent action to make it a reality. 

the ceo mindset to push through discomfort

Imagine having the confidence to boldly wake up each day and pursue your plan! That my friend, is what waking up as a CEO feels like. Utter confidence.

Clarity on what you're working so hard for

Decisiveness to run your days efficiently and effectively 

Confidence to hire team members who are the perfect fit for you

Passion and joy that you're growing your business in alignment with who YOU are

Proven mentorship... because every CEO has someone in their corner. Some call it a Board of Directors. I call it smart Creative Entrepreneurial Ownership.

The CEO Corner Package


Inside every woman entrepreneur is a CEO Badass waiting to emerge.
And once you access her, your life and business opens up...

The CEO Corner Package

Because owning a business doesn't make you an entrepreneur.

The risks you take for your business does.






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

An easy to follow + high impact strategy so that you easily own the daily decisions as the CEO of your life and business

the accountability to stay focused and on point toward your goal. no more chasing 'squirrels' that derail your productivity

the confidence that comes with being a badass ceo so that everyday you are stepping more fully into her

an expert business strategist, mindset coach + efficiency queen in your corner. because every ceo has their corner of support

a clearly defined and aligned goal to your growth so that it energizes and leaves you ready to take on the world


"Christa's strength is her ability to really listen and provide tailored feedback specific to me followed by a step by step action plan."

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"Christa brings the very best out in people. You will feel better about yourself each time you interact with her."

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Step One

goal alignment + clarity

Feeling pulled in lots of directions because you have so many great ideas? I've got you covered.  We're going to take all of those goals you've been pondering and pull them together into one spot. Creating a concise and clear goal that makes decisions about taking action easy.

Get ready sister, this is goal creation like you've never experienced.

the ceo corner package breakdown:

Step Two

planning... so elegant and easy you'll call it sexy

You've been telling yourself for too long that creating a kickass strategy is for sometime later or somebody else.

Together, we'll create a business strategy that is so you, so EASY, it's downright sexy. And once you've implemented it, you'll never wonder if you're doing the right thing again.

Step Three

accountability... your secret weapon

Take meaningful action that gets you closer to your goal EVERY DAY. I'm talking about owning the six figure business, taking the family vacations, and waking up with the relaxed shoulders in the morning. Confidently work your plan with weekly accountability to stick to it.

Step Four

the badass CEO mindset

Empires aren't built on hope. They are built on action. And that starts on the inside, we build your confidence from day one through the end of our time together. Cultivating your CEO Confidence is woven throughout this mentorship program. It kind of feels like waking up to your favorite signature latte - exciting, adventurous, and knowing it's going to taste amazing.

Kick off your mentorship with a 6 hour, one day intensive so that you walk away more aligned with your purpose, a confident goal, and a robust plan of action.

one day intensive

Weekly 30 minute check-ins with Christa so that your accountability to your plan, your alignment with your goals, and your CEO mindset growth keeps going UP.

16 weekly accountability calls

Christa will pinpoint the weak areas of your mindset so that they are no longer blocking your success and keeping your mindset so last-year. This happens from day one, minute one, until your last call together. 

ceo mindset

How it works


Join by Dec 31st and receive a 2-hour bonus intensive 

Leverage Christa's expertise to build a plan for your personal goals in life - whether that's love, another stream of wealth, health, or whatever is lighting your heart on fire!


A year from now entrepreneurs emerging as CEOs will have wished they'd started today....

so let's get started!

The CEO Corner Package

Sign up now and Instantly Receive:

confirmation email + welcome packet

available dates to schedule your intensive

a free copy of christa's published book 'my momentum journal' to support your journey!

"A turning point for me was in one specific discussion...

where we talked about my interest in obtaining customer testimonials. I was reluctant to make the ask of my customers and Christa helped me over the hurdle by showing me how the ask would be positively received. And she was right! I received great feedback from my clients from the action I then took."

be bold!

liz b.
cpa, cva, Co-Owner, Encoursa

"One of Christa's greatest strengths includes project management...

which enables her to see an idea from inception to reality through purposeful execution. For many of us dreamers, this is the critical, missing, link to success and she is the difference maker!"

bobby a.
Sr. Marketing Director, Fortune 500 Company

"Christa's approach to confidence and creating the self image has really helped me understand who I really am...

and it helped me massively with starting my business first and then later quitting my full time job."

dusan b.
Elite Athlete, Entrepreneur


If money didn't exist, I would still  do what I am doing now - that's how much I love this work. There is nothing easier or more satisfying for me than to serve leaders in their business and mindset growth. Creating the plan, taking the action, and growing the confidence from the inside out... is why I am here.

I spent over a decade leading projects that saved or earned the company millions of dollars. Big numbers = big value. That's why I got my Certificate for Project Management from George Washington University. 

While I saw a great deal of success, I also saw projects fail and leaders struggle. At the heart of those failures was the need for inner confidence. Magic happens when our inner confidence is scaled in proportion to the changes we are encountering. I channeled my inner confidence to pursue three certifications in understanding the mind so that I can bring my clients the full package and equip them with tools to structure their business to thrive (goals + plans + actions) and the practice to believe that they'll not just achieve their growth, but freaking thrive while doing so.

Step into your CEO badassness with me.

about christa

"Christa Helps to engage you in owning and achieving your goals in life.

She doesn’t tell you what to do but rather she leads you by helping you create sustainable changes by equipping you with the tools needed to succeed in all areas in life.

- erica r.
Director value analysis, Healthcare System

'I just don't know how to gain the confidence' or 'I never felt worthy to call myself a designer' or 'I’ve had some really big, deep rooted self limiting beliefs that I want to see them go away.' These are all words verbatim from kick-ass CEOs before we began our work together. Your business is a reflection of YOU. When you put your confidence into your goal and plans and seek the accountability to follow it through, you'll have what it takes to execute yourself into your business' next phase. 

You've got what it takes. You KNOW it. So why haven't you made it yet?

You don't have the confidence yet. Otherwise, you'd be 'there' already, right?

you're in the right hands

Know with a level of certainty that shakes your soul EXACTLY where you're going next. Not more detours. No more pitstops.

Make decisions quickly, effectively, and confidently aligned to your goal so that you grow as the CEO of your life and business.

Experience true accountability and fuel your momentum. Your  success is inevitable.

Have a clear, actionable plan in place so that each next step for your business is obvious.

Have come so far that you'll need a telescope to look back at who you were before our time together.

Proudly run a business that's grown, evolved, and blossomed under your leadership.

By the end of the our time together, 
you will...

Yes! I'm in!

“Working with Christa throughout 2020 has allowed me to create a momentum with my business I would not have been confident to do on my own...

- Josie r.
Owner, Josie Joan Creative

especially during 2020. Through her coaching I have become more self aware of my strengths and took the next steps in growing my business.”

“Christa believed in me when I didn’t. 

- shauna c.
Owner & Stylist,

She instilled that confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to and always provided fantastic support and guidance on any questions or issues I had."

This business coaching is the only one of its kind because...

you're growing your business the right way, from the inside-out.

Christa's mentorship is set apart by her unique combination of skills, allowing her to create efficient and effective business strategy while teaching others how to permanently change inhibiting beliefs and inner programming. Not only will you feel the transformation, people will see it. And it will be reflected in your business results. 

learn the art to momentum and the science to a plan

Look, your success is a formula. And that formula is unique to you. 

Christa won't just teach you how to tune into your momentum and attitude, she'll teach you how to shift it. This process might not feel 'normal' but that's a good thing. If you don't start to feel different, then your growth is waaaaaay off. 

Having an incredible plan helps you in going straight toward your goal instead of taking turns that 'seem' good. Christa's infectious attitude and teaching style will invite you to learn and modify how you approach your work in a way that not only gains productivity, it teaches you how to be the CEO of your decisions.

freaking fall in love with your goal

trust and follow your plan

transform to a new level of confidence that only comes with ceo status

be accountable to your own growth

This package includes everything you need to become a CEO.

The CEO Corner Package was created with intention and skillful experience of what works to create and shift action that brings real results.

By the way, it's also a whole lotta fun.

"It's not who you are that's holding you back. It's who you think you're not." - Denis Waitley

Upleveling your business

Permanently changing your CEO confidence

Setting goals that light your heart on fire... and sticking to them

Creating a strategy for your business that's built  on action and not the idea that 'hopefully it happens'

Sustainable processes for creating action plans that achieve your next goal

Being in alignment with the life you're creating

This is your year to *finally* commit to:




This      for you if:

You're committed to your business growth

You're overwhelmed by interpersonal reflections

YOu ARE willing to put in the time to create permanent change

you always find excuses for staying stuck

your passion for success outweighs your desire to stay the same

It's probably           for you if...




Let's do this thing.

The Ceo corner package


How long is this mentorship?

Our time together will be around 16-20 weeks. Inside that time you'll receive an all day intensive and 16 weekly accountability calls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm the right fit for this package?

So glad you asked! 

If you're ready to break out of your comfort zone, take a risk on your own talents and ability to be coachable and grow, then this package is for you.

If you thrive with proven leadership and accountability, and you want your business goals to become more refined with actionable steps, then you're in the right place.

What will  the package cover?

You will walk away with a passion filled, and growth seeking goal. You'll have an actionable plan that grows and evolves with your business. You'll have my system and secrets for high productivity in short amounts of time. 

You'll also learn the skills and processes required to shift your mindset from playing small to that of a badass CEO.  The total package for growth from the inside-out.

How does the package work?

Upon registering, you'll immediately receive a confirmation email with your welcome pack! 

First step is to schedule your kick off intensive so that we can START your journey!

During the intensive you will also schedule your reoccurring accountability call with Christa (there is some flexibility around holidays and vacations). Don't worry - you'll get the full 16 accountability calls, even if that means skipping a few weeks here and there (because hey, LIFE, right?)

"Now isn't a good time, can I join in the future?"

Breaking outside of a comfort zone never feels like the right time. Beginning the journey to your epic CEO life comes down to the decision to do so. I always encourage an entrepreneur ready for the next level of success to act now.

Talk to any successful CEO, they'll tell you the same thing; massive growth always happened on the heels of big and uncomfortable decisions. Step into yours.


Amount I've saved or earned businesses through effective strategy and implementation


Number of americanos i drink each day


number of humans i've served with goals + plans + accountability + mindset


amount i've invested into my own business and growth

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