Christa's here to serve you to the next level of  growth.

But you don't know where to start. We find female entrepreneurs to be stuck in one of three spots in their business:

The Purpose Seeker | She has so many ways she wants to contribute, and can't narrow them down. Staying stuck in the same spot year after year is NOT what she planned for this business. She's ready to take productive action to bring her ideas to life.

The Growth-Getter | She knows what she wants, but doesn't have the plan to get there. She's tired of chasing those high-highs or being in the lowest of lows. The business has started, and she's ready for consistent growth in her desired trajectory.

The Badass CEO | This woman's business is thriving, and  she's ready to up-level again. She knows the value of a plan, and the magic that happens when she sticks to it. Accountability is key, and  she actively seeks proven mentors  to continue her growth.

You want to make an incredible impact on the world with your products or services...

sound familiar?

Get your service or product OUT THERE and making the impact you already dreamed it would

Give you that satisfied feeling of striking black lines through your to-do list

Give you hours back in your week 

Get you energized and excited about your next business goal KNOWING it's going to happen


The #1 thing standing between female entrepreneurs and their goal is a solid plan, followed by accountable action.

The difference between a dream and a goal is the self-confidence to make a plan, act, and CEO that goal into life.

Plan. Act. CEO.

good news!

Look, the path in entrepreneurship can be a lonely one. It becomes easy to self-isolate and feel like you're the only one stuck. No clear goals, working without a plan, and zero accountability to keep going forward except raw grit and determination. 

And let's be honest, you have other responsibilities besides keeping yourself in business. You have loved ones, family, your own health and mental sanity to consider. 

late nights. early mornings. who needs sleep anyways...


The quality of the service you offer

Your friendships

Your health

Time with your children and spouse

you're no longer willing to sacrifice:

- Jess

Christa digs into the exact issues and compassionately, but firmly gives you the step by step to get out of your own way and achieve greatness.

she transformed my business and helped me achieve the next level in my business in a month!

the reviews

To grow your confidence with your results, making imposter syndrome a thing of the past

To experience true accountability to your goals and to yourself

How to wake up every Monday knowing what you'll be accomplishing for the week

Mentorship that is one part ass kicker, two parts champion, and 100% in your corner

To create a strategy that will actually get you started on those goals

To get intimate with your goal like never before


goals + plans + accountability

The ceo corner is for the badass entrepreneur who is ready to take fierce action along with growing her ceo mindset.


the CEO corner

How it Works

your business is unique - your plan and accountability should be too

Serious  pursuit of passions takes more than having clear goals. It takes  knowing your goals inside and out;  from the why to the how. Goal intimacy will break the cycle of confusion keeping you stuck at the starting line. 

Goal Intimacy

No more wondering if your business will make it. With each step of your plan laid out, complete with deliverables and a timetable for execution, be confident you have a plan that works.

Clear Strategy

You get shit done for others, but it's time to focus that energy on  yourself. Christa's style of accountability will ensure make progress on your goals while taking care of everyone else on your list too.


Work with Christa
-  Clearly defined goals that light your heart on fire
- Easy to follow strategy because it's written FOR you
- Accountability from Christa to stick to that plan
- Daily steps to achieve your goals
- 1:1 Guided mentorship - you're not in this alone
- CEO Mindset training so that your business grows, and so does your belief in yourself

Don't forget the bonuses...
Hack #1: Christa's strategy templates for life
Hack #2: Access to her community of other badass women CEOs leaving their marks on the world

Ready to grow?

because there's no plan b


Get super clear on how you and your business will make an impact on the world.

Christa will skillfully guide you  through your thoughts to give you the clarity of the  business goal you want to pursue. 

Pro Tip: If it doesn't excited you and scare you at the same time, then you need a better goal!

Goal Intimacy


Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Christa has a specially cultivated talent which was used to save millions for the Fortune 500 company that she worked for and she's going to help you co-create an easy to follow strategy that guides you through every step of the way to accomplishing your goals.

Goal achievement is a blend of science and art. Christa will  pull out your talents and gifts and put them together in a way that make achieving your goals attainable.

Clear Strategy


When was the last time you had somebody in your corner making sure that accomplished the things you wanted to do? It's a proven fact that people who achieve their goals are typically accountable to somebody. And for you, that's me.

Christa genuinely gets excited by seeing people succeed. So you know she's not going to drop the ball when it comes to checking in and supporting you as you madly pursue  your next great achievement. 



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the process

My passion and purpose is to equip women entrepreneurs with everything they need to reach their next goal...

After years of using my talents to bring about greatness in corporate, I redirected my efforts inward. Within 2 years, my coaching passion became a thriving company leading with big goals, robust strategy, and an ever expanding CEO mindset to product incredible momentum. 

I have a BA from Hillsdale College. During my decade long career with a Fortune 500 company I led multiple projects delivering 8 figures in financial savings AND adding an additional 8 figures in customer revenue to the company. In addition I’m a Certified Intrinsic Coach, Strengthsfinder Coach, Proctor Gallagher Consultant, and have a certification in Project Management from George Washington University.

i’m christa. corporate leader turned business coach


- Heather f. 

I need a telescope to see who I was and how I used to think about myself and my results. Working with Christa has forever changed how I run my business, parent, and show up in this world . Thank you!

I can't even recognize who I was from a few months ago... let alone a year ago

the reviews


frequently asked

- Amber l.

Christa has the innate ability to hear past the words  coming out of your mouth and into the very heart of what you want to accomplish with your life. She not only sees the big picture she sees the steps needed to get you there.

I have already adapted my mindset.

the reviews

when choosing a goal setting and accountability coach it's important we re a good fit. if you decide after the initial assessment that this isn't right for you, you'll receive 100% of your money back. should we begin 1:1 sessions, refunds are limited to any unused portion of my hourly coaching fee.

100% Money Back Guarantee


The Advanced Plan plus four months of 1:1 weekly accountability sessions AND an additional half day 1:1 intensive midway through your program.

goal + strategy + accountability





During a one day intensive, you will work with Christa 1:1 to refine your goal, build your strategy, create the plan, and prep yourself for the CEO mindset necessary to follow through. Two 1:1 implementation sessions to follow the all day intensive.

goal + strategy


The Advanced Plan


Work with Christa  for 90 minutes 1:1 to refine your goal and create massive clarity on your next steps to bring your business idea and goal to life. Enjoy two 1:1 follow up implementation sessions. 

goal intimacy




Ready to Begin?

christa is ready to meet you where you are

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