Can Meditation Grow Your Business?

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Have you jumped on the meditation bandwagon yet? And if you haven’t, should you? Let me share with you an argument for why meditation can be your secret business strategy weapon that will have your competitors weeping in your dust. 

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What the hell is meditation?

For those of you who have poo-pooed meditation up to this point in your life, let’s go over the basics. 

Meditation is:

  • Time just for you
  • A place to quiet any mental chaos
  • A method to relax your body
  • A space to allow for your intuition to reach you
  • An exercise that, with practice and intention, can heal your body (read ‘Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza for the science behind this)
  • A practice that can ease, and even eradicate anxiety
  • Going to give you confidence in your decisions
  • Going to serve your business growth

Why should you care?

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Back in 2013, I lived through a year of debilitating anxiety – a.k.a. 24/7 panic attacks. I allowed some circumstances going on outside of me to completely control my thoughts and emotions, resulting in so much stress that it turned into anxiety. It was terrible, to say the least. 

I had multiple loved ones encouraging me to get on a medication to ease the constant stress. After working with my doctor, he suggested a different route to try first. Enter: Meditation. 

He explained to me that the medication would help with the side effects of the anxiety, but not get to the root of the issue causing the anxiety. He encouraged me to do the work to stop being anxious. An insider game. 

I can still remember laying on the ground in our walk in closet, a full on panic attack gripping my chest, and needing to leave in 20 minute for a friends house. As I laid there, i started a guided meditation. And for the first time, experienced some relief from the death grip around my lungs. It didn’t last long, but it had happened, and I now knew with practice, I could dig out the poisonous thoughts and emotions that had been buried within me causing this chronic stress.

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Can you relate?

Are there aspects of your life or business that cause you to go into over-stressed mode? Do you know what happens when our bodies and minds are on that high-stress alert and how that affects our businesses?

  • It’s hard to make decisions 
  • The littlest things put you in a state of overwhelm
  • You feel epically behind everything, and letting down everyone
  • Taking time to reset and build a proper strategy feels like a luxury you can’t afford to take the time to do
  • Your goal, if you reach it, feels hollow because you still just feel behind
  • It’s hard to prioritize time with your loved ones, and even when you’re with them, your mind is elsewhere on the business
  • You make more promises than you’re able to keep (especially to yourself)
  • You give on things like your health, eating well, sleeping enough in the name of ‘the hustle’

Does this sound like any fun to you?


So, how is meditation supposed to fix this?

Well, it doesn’t. Not exactly. It’s what you do during meditation that is the game changer.

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If you commit to prioritizing 30 minutes, three times per week to meditation, some radical changes would occur. 

  • You’d start listening to the answers to some of the important questions you’ve been stuck on
  • The chronic stress your body may be experiencing would have a break, giving you a better chance to reset and heal
  • You’d find your business slowing down mentally, allowing you the feeling of positive momentum
  • You’d feel more confident in your decisions, because you’ll be making them from a place of wholeness and groundedness, instead of chaos or franticness 

So, should you meditate? Well, there’s literally zero downsides to meditation. It’s great for your health. It’s great for your mental sanity. Therefore, it’s great for your business. Oh, and I promise you  your competitors are not doing this. 

Let me know if you decide to try it, or if you have any questions about my favorite meditation resources. Send me and note at and I’ll share them with you!



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