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Hey You2.0!

Happy New Year! Did you hear? There is a new podcast in town and it’s mine! I’m so excited to share this new way to connect with all of you! I created this business podcast to serve creative entrepreneurs just like you through valuable weekly content.

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The You2.0™ Podcast is a space to explore action, accountability, and alignment allowing you to become the CEO of your life and business! 

Our first episode of season 1 is coming at you full force! And we’re inviting you to embody being the CEO of your life and business with three simple tips taken from my own journey into entrepreneurship. 


We are diving in and discussing:

  • Finding yourself out of alignment in your life and business 
  • What misalignment looks and feels like 
  • Three solid steps for overcoming a bad situation and building a mindset to move forward


Tune into episode #1 here (I’ve had LOTS of friends share that this episode really resonated with them and their work experiences too!)





In this episode we dig into: 

How we are hardwired. Being able to evaluate your core motivation will allow you to reframe your thinking around mindsets that aren’t serving you. 


Pulling from my personal experience, I share how this misalignment manifests itself in my life and the aha moment that helped me turn my thoughts into productive action. 

There are three steps for embodying a CEO mindset that has guided my transition from the corporate world into the entrepreneurial life I lead now.


First, I have become comfortable saying, “no.” Secondly, I learned to set boundaries in my professional life, and third I became mindful of triggers and triggering behavior that can lead me off course.

girl working on computer behind podcast microphone


I’m thrilled to be joining you on my business podcast, aligned and curated for you as you step into YOU2.0™.


Have you ever thought about what is holding you back from becoming YOU2.0?  Maybe you are looking for new ways to step into becoming the CEO of your life and business? Take my Entrepreneurial Style Quiz and learn which strengths you should be harnessing in the coming year. I can’t wait to cheer you on as you become the YOU, you want to be! 

Need help aligning with your goals? Check out my blog on how to get into blissful alignment.

Podcast episode summary by the ever talented Amber Lea Russell

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