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You’ve heard of the importance of ‘not being the smartest one in the room’ before. This adage has some wisdom that we are going to unpack together. Let’s examine the importance of who you are surrounding yourself and how they impact your business. 

Here are my top 5 reasons you may want to change who you’re hanging around.


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You are frequently being programmed by what is being said and done around you. Your subconscious (the part of your brain activated by repetition) is programmed by the day to day activities happening in your life. When your autopilot response kicks in, you have this little brain responsive to thank! 

Beliefs rely heavily on a subconscious response; to phrase it more simply, beliefs are thoughts that you practiced repeatedly. So if you think that ‘business is hard’ or that ‘you’re terrible at sales’ or that ‘social media sucks’ then guess what? You’re right! How’s that for thinking about motivation and inspiration?  

Whatever you keep thinking about and TALKING ABOUT with those around you (hint hint, what’s your go-to thing to complain about?) is getting programmed in. And sooner or later, you’ll start to believe it. This means that you won’t have to try to think that sales is hard. Your body will break out in a panic attack and racing heart at the mere thought of a sales call because you’ve programmed that belief into your mind. And your body always follows the repetition of the mind. 



Much of what we consume these days comes from listening (podcasts) and watching/reading (YouTube and social media). You can’t always control what’s going to pop up on your feed. 

I’m a big believer in removing anything toxic from our lives – and that includes unnecessary rudeness, aggressiveness, and nastiness. 

You know that old friend from high school (the one who is always going off the handle with hateful posts?) That negative thought pattern IS GETTING IN, my friend! Those thoughts are influencing your subconscious programming. And that will affect you through your business, personal interactions, and life. 

So take note of the words others are using, and if they’re draining your cup rather than filling it, consider taking a break or permanently removing them from your’ social media’ life and inbox.



I LOVE the gift that social media and the online world has brought to us. And that gift is having incredible voices, compassionate 

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souls, and huge generous hearts just a click away. 

Listen, tune into INSPIRATION. Tune into GROWTH. Tune into stories of TRANSFORMATION. Of MOTIVATION. You have a lot of power and choice over what you get exposed to, so choose intentionally to make it food that fuels your growth and inspires you into your next transformation.  

One of the first people that influenced me in this space was Ed Mylett. You can check out his podcast here. 



A dangerous thing to say in this day and age, I know. But if you look at beliefs biologically and scientifically, you start to get compassion and understanding of all of the voices and opinions swirling around you. 

Our mind is so miraculous that it will do everything in its power to PROVE your belief to be true. When people give you opinions based on their opinions and NOT based on actual experiences, be aware. That’s probably not the person you want to tune into for motivation and support for your business or life goal. 

Get savvy about qualifying someone as an expert before asking for their opinion on something you’re doing or thinking. Remember, to each person, their beliefs are the right ones to have. And if you believe something different, then your ideas are the wrong ones to have. 

Think about it this way: if you were picked up and moved as a baby to be raised by a family halfway across the world, in a different culture, in another city, with a foreign language, wouldn’t you agree that you would have different beliefs now, as an adult?


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Understanding precedes learning. The more you understand, the quicker you can apply and experience the learning. 

It would be incredibly wise to choose a theme or word and focus on it until you see that you’re programming, your mind, your belief system, is living it out regularly without you making a ton of effort.

For example: Maybe you decide that discipline is something you want to strengthen—the art of giving yourself a command and following it. So you study great minds, books, podcasts, etc., that discusses what it means to be disciplined. You study how to change a procrastination mindset to a disciplined one. Maybe you find a mentor or friend who you can interview or observe for a day to pick up on their habits. 

Other topics that could interest you if you’re looking to improve some mental muscles for growth and motivation include leadership, courage, risk, compassion, abundance, contentment, joy, and generosity. It’s a great idea to look objectively at your closest relationships and decide if their voices are loving, compassionate and coming from a place of an expert. Let go of relationships that only speak into your life to offer suggestions based on only their ego and opinions. 

Where you find motivation for growth in your life and business is personal to you. What intentional steps are you taking to keep your personal development at the forefront of your mind?

For some extra support, you can check out my Momentum Journal. It’s all about tuning in to what the right kind of motivation 

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feels like for YOU and keeping you accountable to it.



PS need some support on getting aligned with your goal? Check out my post here on Goal Alignment.

PSS struggling with building a robust plan? Here’s my bulletproof guide to planning like a pro that I use with my clients.

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