9 Steps For Creating Your Authentic Digital Footprint

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Creating a Meaningful Digital Space

If you are ready to be propelled and inspired forward, both professionally and personally, then tune in, friends! Our guest, Alexandra Bozic, is a savvy business owner. She founded The Digital Ripple, her digital market company, and landed her first client while on a beach vacation in her bathing suit! Alexandra’s a Canadian ex-pat living in Ireland who also co-runs an eco-friendly B & B. She is full of real-life experiences and knows how to make the digital space work for her clients.  Let’s dive in!


Have you ever struggled in your digital media space?  Do you wonder what strategies will work for your business?  Are you happy with your brand, logo, and digital space for best serving your clients or the ones you hope to attract? If you’ve ever asked these questions, Alexandra has some tips for you.  Here we go!




9 Best Practice Tips on Creating a Digital Space that Aligns with Your Life, Work Visions, and Goals:


1. Impactful Digital Campaigns

In the digital space, an impactful campaign shows who you are and what you care about- you only have one chance to make a first digital impact.  There’s only one unique you who can offer your specific services with your particular skill set!  Figuring out who you want to be, what you are representing, and who you want to express will help clarify not only your digital space but your business too.


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2. Belief

Believe in your business.  But, more importantly, believing in yourself.  Be aware of shifting your mental limitations to push out self-doubt and move toward belief in yourself, your business, and your product. Creating space in the digital world is an ongoing journey in finding who you are and understanding your worth and value.  


3. Service Minded

Remember that those that you are serving, however important or business-like they may be, are first and foremost human beings. Find that connection and common ground, and then be authentic in explaining how you can serve your clients.  You will attract to you those you need to serve and those who need to be served by you.  


4. Have intention

When booking her first client, Alexandra served herself by living the life she’s always wanted to have.  To her, this looked like booking a nicer hotel that was going to provide the experiences she desired—and wearing clothes that made the first impression she wanted to make (or just dressing in a way that made her feel amazing).  Tap into the understanding that you are worthy of significant experiences, living the life you want to live, and are worthy of the dreams you have.  This energy and attitude translate into your business, and people are drawn to those dreams.


5. Digital visual alignment

When creating a digital brand for your business, keep an eye out for your online presence; brand colors or logos may not be meeting the right audience! If your business is primarily found through word of mouth, congratulations!  Those people are hiring you because of your reputation and the work you have completed for someone they know and trust.    If a client is “meeting” you online through your website for the first time, a basic font, logo, and online presence may not captivate and meet your luxury market.  When creating your digital brand, always be thinking about the end in mind.  Who you want as an ideal client can go a long way in identifying how you display yourself and your services digitally.


6. Being authentically transparent

Your authentic identity should balance your target market, what you like, how you show up, and your interests.  Having authenticity and transparency when approaching your clients draws the right kind of client for you toward you. 

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7. Get creative with pricing

If the service you are selling to a client isn’t an affordable option, tailor your services to meet their needs.  Maybe a complete package purchase isn’t a current option for your client, but breaking down services or consulting is. Be creative with how you can lead them in the direction they need to go.


8. Relating in the digital space

Showing up as relatable to your clients offers a personal touch.  It takes confidence and courage to put yourself in front of the camera, press record, and share. When you make your physical presence visible, you are connecting with your clients in offering content online.   Being at the forefront of visibility will help you magnify your business. 


9. Take a digital break!

We are not designed to live within the digital media space, 24/7 – It’s crucial for human beings to have lives outside of our business. What do you want your digital wellbeing to look like?  Find that balance between being/working online and living your life. 


BONUS: 3 Tips to Knowing your Worth as a Business Owner

9 tops for your business to show up authentic online over picture of a coffee mug with lemons in it

1. Evolving Your Brand

When evolving your brand (because who you were a couple of years ago is not who you are today), identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Tasks that do not bring joy might be needed to be hired out and outsourced.  When you don’t love what you are creating, it will show!  Hire someone who loves to do the task you don’t.  


In the same way, understanding what doesn’t bring your clients joy and helping them find their solution will make you an invaluable resource and support to your client. 


2. Understand your business’s how and why. 

What is your reason for why you do what you do?   When you give/provide a service to a client, what will you do?  For example, I am serving this client by ________ so that they can ________.  


3. What is your five-year goal? 

What is your big goal?  Having these conversations with yourself, your team, your mentor, and your partner is invaluable for providing direction. Check out some tips on creating your business plan here.


It is never too late, friends, to follow your dreams and get to where you want to go.  Understand your limiting beliefs about yourself. Your journey will morph, change, and evolve.  Choose to believe in yourself, feel the fear, and go through it to the other side.  Listen to your intuition and invest in yourself!  You are worthy!


To learn more about Alexandra Bozic, visit her Instagram @alexandrabozic


Check out the full podcast episode here:


Podcast episode recapped by the ever talented Amber Lea Russell.

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