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hello gorgeous!

I’m a Fortune 500 company marketing leader turned coach + entrepreneur, who got tired of living by other people's expectations and started to live for my own purpose. I believe the best way to live an empowered lifestyle is to live visibly as the badass woman you are. Together, we’ll reprogram the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck so that you can create unapologetic momentum and abundance.

After years of using my energy to bring about greatness in corporations, I redirected my efforts inward. Within 2 years, my coaching passion became a thriving company leading with intuition + momentum and now hosting a podcast and  leading masterclasses of empowered women (eeks did I really just say that out loud?!).

What I’ve discovered from teaching thousands of women + entrepreneurs is that most people want to know the source of my happiness and success. My 'secret sauce,' if you will. Friend, there is no secret. This power is available to everyone. All it takes is a mindset shift in how you approach your goals.

As much as I love nerding out over mapping a strategic path for you to achieve your goals, teaching you these things would only be sharing half the story...

What is present in your life is a reflection of what you believe.

Friend, my purpose in this world is to shine a light so brightly onto YOUR purpose, that you can't help but see it too. And here's the best news... creating the roadmap to get you THERE is the easy part (I bet that's the first time you've heard that success can be easy). It's time to step up to the mirror and view unapologetically the divine woman that lives within you.

There’s no more hiding your brilliance. Around these parts, I’ll be sharing my best 'how to' secrets to structure a badass mindset, allowing you to live an epic life of cultivated freedom, passion, and service.

That's because living an empowered life is all about owning your divine femininity and living unapologetically as the badass you were designed to be!

so who says you can't have your ice cream and eat it too?

If you keep hanging out with me, you'll quickly discover that 'helping' is a word of the past. Helping implies I have something that you do not. And that just ain't true. 

One thing we already have in common is that both of us seek to make empowered changes. Friend, you're ready to continue to your journey diving into your innate intuition + momentum! Whether you choose to join a free training, or fully invest in yourself through one of my mentorship programs, I'll be here every step of your journey cheering you on.

You have an awareness that you deserve better (and you certainly do!).
You deserve the kind of momentum that nothing and no one can stop.
You can do that here. 

I am ready to serve you as you STRIKE DOWN those limiting beliefs that are keeping you playing small in YOU1.0. 

I am ready to walk WITH you as you discover innate truths about your infinite power. 

I am READY to be your world-shaker, whether that be through a dose of belief, or when necessary, a kick in the ass. 

Are you ready?


I believe the best way to step into your empowered badass is to...


How well are you owning your inner Queen? 

Are you making choices that allow you to fiercely pursue and speak your truth, or are you hiding behind the safety and comfort of being the supporting actress? If you want to be the star of your own life, answer a few key questions for instant access to a customized path to living a life with passion. 

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One of the up and coming Podcasts that is breaking the silence on how to grow with ease and momentum. Christa teaches you how to go against the grain of everything you've been taught. Come be moved toward inspired action and becoming YOU2.0.

Unapologetically YOU2.0™ Podcast


Christa molter

coming November 2020!

Where my light shines the brightest! Explore in-depth articles designed to help re-program YOU1.0 limiting beliefs to create a roaring, unapologetic, badass-empowered lifestyle.

Guaranteed to make you scream: "I can't believe this stuff is free!!"


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I’ve created an offering of powerful programs to help you master everything from entrepreneurship to discovering your inner badass (all for less than it would cost to go to business school! You guys, it starts at $11.) Bonus, you can join them in your leggings with a  bag of Doritos, or in a Chanel dress sipping your favorite latte - you do you, sister! Click the link to check out my popular intuition + momentum courses.

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rising Queen2.0 masterclass

You are a Queen. And your life is already rolling in the direction you want it to... but your intuition is saying you could get there faster with a little guidance.

I offer a masterclass coaching program: for women rising into their inner Queens ready to step into a bolder, passion-filled experience in EVERY area of their life. Come join these women rising past complacency into epic belief shifts + inspired actions.

You're a Queen. Now wear the damn crown! 

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Join all of the other unapologetic + badass women and get access to my free library of workbooks, resources, and guides for fueling your empowered life as YOU2.0.

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