Who realized her purpose and skills were aligned to teaching female Entrepreneurs how to become CEOs of their life and business.

business planning | accountability | CEO mindset

She's a Fortune 500 company marketing leader turned business coach + entrepreneur

About christa

After leaving corporate, within two years she built her coaching passion into a thriving company, created robust strategies, and developed a CEO mindset that lead to incredible momentum. 

It all summarizes into this statement:

You have goals. You have visions for your business. Christa will teach you how to align your life to bring those to reality. 

a  ceo mindset isn't rocket  science... but there is a science (and an art) to success. her formula for growth is a blend of accountability and planning (science) while engaging confidence (art) to achieve the goals.

Empowerment + Inspired Action.

You will quickly learn working with Christa that you already have the answers. Her job is to pull them out of you so that you can confidently continue to pursue your passion with momentum and financial stability.

her style

"It's like Christa sprinkles her pixie dust, and the solution, the next step, it all becomes so clear. Actionable and inspired. I can't get enough of it!"

- jessica d.

I’m a business coach and consultant who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses from the ground up!

I have a BA from Hillsdale College. During my decade long career with a Fortune 500 company I led multiple projects delivering 8 figures in financial savings AND adding an additional 8 figures in customer revenue to the company. In addition I’m a Certified Intrinsic Coach, Strengthsfinder Coach, Proctor Gallagher Consultant, and have a certification in Project Management from George Washington University.

Christa Molter

things that make her business thrive:

Goal clarity and defined purpose.
Building a plan to achieve them both.
Sticking to the plan.

Christa is relentless about growing the CEO Mindset of female entrepreneurs. As your business grows, so will your confidence to step into the next goal. With a CEO Mindset, say goodbye to imposter syndrome and hello to achieving goals with clarity and purpose.

FOUNDEr + ceo

and one more thing...

As an entrepreneur, it's so easy to get caught up in the minutia of the day to day. Once that becomes a habit of operating, other parts of the business start to fall behind. Including taking the time to get really clear on the next goal and how to get there. 

The #1 reason they work with Christa? Accountability.

These savvy women know that their products and services are making the world and their community better. Women dedicated to growing to the next milestone are not willing to let the busyness of the day-to-day keep them from achieving this year's goals. 

The #1 reason female CEO's say they haven't reached their next goal on their own is that they don't have a solid plan. 

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