7 Steps to Beating Imposter Syndrome

Who says feeling like an imposter has to be a bad thing? Ready for a shift?

7 tips to Mastering imposter syndrome

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Beating Imposter Syndrome and Finding YOUR Alignment

Want to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life? If you are like most of us, you are emphatically shouting a big “HELL YES!”.   But this can be hard to envision if you aren’t feeling challenged or when you are wanting more from your life.  One of the greatest roadblocks is looking at what others are doing (good ‘ol Imposter Syndrome coming at you!) instead of looking inward. When we turn out attention toward where we can better align with our purpose is where we find the most growth!


kids playing on wood pile with the words how to see imposter syndrome as growth over it


How do you become the next amazing version of yourself? 

Come along and learn from what Audrey LeMere has to say about discovering her purpose.  As a leading Sales Director and Mindset Coach,  Audrey has been a three time MVP and has sold more than $35 million in sales as an individual contributor. 


Catch the full podcast episode here:


Ready to move the needle in your life’s direction and align with your purpose (and move through any imposter syndrome emotions)?

Read on, my friend! Below are Audrey’s steps for identifying your purpose through self-reflection. No more looking at everyone else, hoping your efforts measure up!


1. Reflect on your past, then look at your present. 

If you’ve ever felt like you aren’t good enough in any area of your life, this is your wake up call! If you’ve felt stuck in the shadows of those around you who are smarter than you or achieving more than you could think of, pay attention! This is the ugly side of Imposter Syndrome! Because if you are constantly looking at others, you will always feel inadequate! Instead,  look at your past. Learn. Explore. Dig deep into your thought process.   Most of life’s most important lessons will come to you repeatedly. You own your story, and that is yours and yours alone! It never goes away. But, this old past story was there to keep you safe. And while it was needed at the time, relying on this old past story can hold you back from where you are supposed to go.  It’s time for a new story, the one where you thrive.


After thinking about these repeated life lessons and old past stories, look to those leaders/mentors in your life who can share insight into your present life.  With the support of their coaching and leadership, you can process your present story.  Ask yourself hard questions, “What purpose am I striving toward?  What can I accomplish?  How can I feel more fulfilled?” Internalizing these stories, and turning inward, can bring peace and understanding to your purpose. 


7 ways to work through imposter syndrome over image of woman2. Ask yourself, “What are you chasing?”

You may have achieved your ambitious goals, but you are still feeling an internal letdown. An unalignment with your purpose. So,  what are you continuing to chase?  If achieving your goals does not bring peace or joy to you, then it’s time to reevaluate.  Nothing may fill you up until you figure out what you’re striving toward. Start here: WHAT IS THE LEGACY I WANT TO LEAVE BEHIND?  For me, my family, my children, the important people in my life?   When you’re chasing after your purpose and it’s hard, AND NOT FULFILLING, put the brakes on and realign! Remember, stepping into new can feel like the ole’ imposter syndrome sneaking back in. Just keep pressing forward. 


3. Move out of your comfort zone!

Take the next first step toward your purpose.  KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS AND LEAN ON THEM. Default to what you do best. Listening? Prioritizing goals? As soon as you start pouring yourself into who/what you are working with, you may realize you are exactly where you’re supposed to be! 


4. Lead others based on your strengths.

Understanding your own strengths and those you work alongside allows you to lean into those unique talents that make you, you! You will lead with greater impact and joy when you know and understand your strengths. Stay rooted in what makes you unique and gifted in what you do.  To find your specific strength skill set, this is a tool to use: StrengthsFinder.  


5. Be consistent in checking in and showing up for yourself.

As you progress, remember to ask, “Am I working into my purpose?  If not, what actions do I need to take to walk within my purpose?” 


6. Align your strengths and energy to yield results (and keep pushing through any feelings of imposter syndrome). 

Strive relentlessly and prioritize ruthlessly.  As you work toward achieving your purpose, remember that you have a responsibility to your employees, coworkers, and leaders who gave you this opportunity.  You also have a responsibility to your family, and mostly, to yourself. Move through feeling the imposter syndrome for the greater goal, the greater adventure, of living a more intentional and alive life.


7. If you are leading a team, What qualities and strengths are valuable to have as a leader to others?  

Responsibility.  You’re not just responsible to your team, but also those associated with them so serve them well and do what you are called to do.  Have those high expectations and commitments to your team!  As a leader, part of being responsible means removing obstacles in order for them to be highly successful so your team can meet their goals.  


Focus. Have ruthless prioritization.  Serve your team well by establishing a clear line of sight toward goals and providing in the moment feedback to achieve the right results.  


Communication. You can inspire great communication by articulating expectations, helping to process received feedback, and by setting future goals.  Effective feedback is a backbone of team communication.  When working with an individual, ask, “How does this person receive info?  What makes them tick?  What motivates them?  How can I deliver this in a way that reaches them?”  Compassionate, clear feedback, is the best recipe for team communication and success. As Brene Brown says, “Clear is kind.”  Clear, meaningful, timely feedback is the kindest and most compassionate communication you can give to the people you serve.  It might be hard in the moment, but be sincere.   Practice and start with your family first, then move on to those who you serve at work.  

quickly use imposter syndrome to your advantage text over image of woman writing on paper

Need more courage to make a shift further toward or into your alignment (and out of imposter syndrome)?  


Trusting yourself with a shift.  If it is time to move on, those same life lessons will keep emerging in your life.    Learn about your passions and strengths.  Listen to your gut, your instincts! Then, stand up and raise your hand!  Be aware and careful! As humans, when we are out of alignment, we want advice from others to seek where we should go.  But you are the wisest person to know about you!  Recall the times your instinct helped move you forward.  Ask a trusted mentor for counsel, if needed.


Build your mental muscles and mental awareness.  Think about what gives you energy. What is effortless?  Where do your strengths lie?  We won’t be good at everything!  Catch yourself in those moments where you feel like you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing and follow those breadcrumbs.  Know that internal searching and questioning takes time and practice!


Don’t be afraid to ask, “Am I doing this because it is in alignment with other peoples’ purposes?”  I should be doing this…I should be doing that.  STOP SHOULDING all over yourself!  Stay true to you.  If you aren’t true to yourself, those repeated patterns that aren’t serving you well are likely to continue showing up.   Sometimes, you don’t know or understand your purpose until you have lived through an experience that you need to learn from.  Everyone is different so be empathic of yourself as you journey, and empathic toward others and the timing of their journey as well.  


Commit to the work and the process of realignment toward your purpose.  You, my friend, are worth it!


Podcast summary by the ever talented Amber Lea Russell. Learn her copywriting secrets here.



Catch Episode 6 here on the Podcast and get more updates on upcoming episodes here!

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