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7  Keys to Writing Copy that Converts

Who says feeling like an imposter has to be a bad thing? Ready for a shift?

7 tips to Mastering imposter syndrome

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Writing, Connection and Authenticity

Have you ever thought that the hardest part about being in business was the marketing of it? How to actually attract your ideal client and get the word out about your incredible product or service?

So many other entrepreneurs and business owners feel the same way!

Just because you may not be a copywriter, doesn’t mean you can’t connect to your ideal client’s hearts.

In this episode, Christa interviews Amber Russell, copywriter and photographer. Amber has written for everything from the Symphony Orchestra to Small Businesses and specializes in working with creative entrepreneurs. She believes that story’s matter, and your story is the reason people will buy what you are selling. YOU are your company’s greatest asset… not what you do or sell.

She’s going to be sharing with you the 7 MUST KNOW secrets to copywriting, how to improve your website and social media, and so much more. Get out your notebook, because this is an episode you’ll want to refer back to your notes time and time again!


Hi, I’m Amber Lea Russell!

I’m a creative entrepreneur, copywriter, wedding photographer, wife to an amazing man who puts up with my canine obsession (proud dog mom of four, working on him for a 5th…shhhh), and mother to the best four kids around!  I’m here with Christa, both on this podcast episode and also as a copywriter for her business, to share with you what I’ve learned over the years from writing for small business owners to making your product authentically yours.  I have the best clients out there and they may not have found me in the way you think!  

woman with closed eyes laughing at camera

Listen, there are so many voices out there telling you how to grow your business, how to attract more website traffic, and how to increase your social media following. I know!! I hear them too!!  But if you can quiet those voices telling you MORE, BIGGER, BETTER, and listen to the heartbeat of YOUR BUSINESS, you can connect authentically and honestly.  Which is 100% better than any formula or flow chart you can follow for business success!


In this podcast episode, I want to share with you what I’ve learned about growing your business mission and brand with authentic and honest communication while identifying the heart of your business to attract your ideal client.  You, reader and listener, have a story to tell.  So let’s hear it!  I think the following pathways can help.





Here are my 7 Tips to Finding Connection and Authenticity when Writing Copy that Converts Customers into Clients:


wooden bowl holding green plantHave a Mission.

  How are you going to serve and connect with your customers?  Your mission is intrinsic to who you are.  Your mission is your measuring stick.  Does this align with the message I’m sending my customers?  If not, revise and reconnect!

Know your message.

Creatives have so many ideas.  Make your message to your ideal client CRYSTAL CLEAR.  Refine and polish your communication.  Respect your client’s time – don’t make them guess what you are trying to say!  Having trouble?  Find a coach to help with message refinement!

Mission and Message work together. 

Your content and message should always match your mission.  Don’t publish if it doesn’t!  Authentic connections are what your clients will remember years from now.

Don’t Just Say it (or write it!), Feel It. 

What comes from the heart is what makes connection with clients.

Persevere to reach your client!

If a message doesn’t resonate with your client, perhaps it is because it didn’t reach them!  An idea: think about the day of the week or the time of day that would be best to reach your ideal clients.

Know when to Pump up the Jam. 

Pumping up your content, posting daily, and live videos are all great and well.  But just because you are creating a ton of content, doesn’t mean that it is connecting with the heart of your client.  1-2 weekly meaningful posts can have a greater effect than an overdose of online compilations.  LESS CAN BE MORE if your content connects with your clients! Pro tip: Try revisiting content. What great content have you already written that could be updated for your newer clients?  Update that blog post that clients told you they loved years ago.  Refresh some previous copy you wrote. Repost it to your Instagram or take a Live to discuss your updates.  If it connected to the heart of your clients before, it will still connect with new clients that haven’t seen it.

When it comes to writing: Test, Try, and Change.

Website copy doesn’t just need to live on your site if it isn’t working for your business.  If it is not converting or if you are attracting the wrong kind of client for you, reevaluate.  Change your writing!  Have backup to help with this! Choose three wise people who you trust to help you look at your copy: someone who is your ideal client, someone who has your best interests at heart, and someone who has watched your business grow from the ground up.  Don’t invite extra voices into your business and muddy the waters.   Blend the art of your creativity with the science of “does this work here in this space?” Let this evolve as you evolve!

woman holding ice cream cone with blue ice cream in front of her

Here’s a bottom line I always go back to when it comes to writing for business.  Stories connect.  When you invite your client to be a participant of your story, you will find your ideal client and you will have copy that sells.   

Thanks for listening in!




Want to get a more authentic voice in your business? Check out this other article on why you no longer need to copy someone else’s marketing plan to succeed!


Tune into Episode 4 here…


… and you can connect more to learn about Amber here!

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