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5 Steps For A Successful Morning Routine

Who says feeling like an imposter has to be a bad thing? Ready for a shift?

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Ever feel like your morning routine is as exciting as mowing the lawn? Different day, but the same routine experience?

Would you believe that shifting your morning routine could more than double your productivity at work, increase the love you feel in your life, and make you a way nicer and happier person than you are today? Yeah, hard to believe something so small could impact your life in such huge ways!

But it’s true. If you’re looking to change your life, start here, with the way you start your day. On this episode I will walk you through five things you need to start caring about in your morning. And as a bonus I’ll be sharing with you the morning routine that has me rocking out at life.

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Or do you wake up feeling like you are already behind? Do you feel good about how you start your day? Do you have a morning routine? Like most of us, there is room for improvement in areas of growth and becoming the best version of ourselves.  Listen to this podcast episode or read below for life-aligning tips on a morning routine that best serves you!





5 Steps for a Successful Morning Routine:


 1. Decide how you want to feel after you have accomplished your morning routine.  

Start with the end in mind and ask yourself, “Do you want to feel appreciative? Productive? Grateful? In control of your day?”  Whether your goal is to be joyful, productive, grateful, or more, know your intention.


2. Evaluate if the current routine fits what you want to be embracing and living as you start your day.

For example, if joy is my choice, then my everyday habit of scrolling on my phone when I get out of bed will probably not serve me with joy.  So scrolling on my phone is not compatible with feelings of happiness or enjoyment.  No one ever rolls out of bed, checks their Facebook or LinkedIn, and says, “Wow, I feel amazing and so  joyful right now!”

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3. Decide what needs to change. 

Grab a pen and paper and write out specific actions and thoughts that need to shift.  It looks like this: “I want to start my day with joy.  Therefore I need to stop checking my phone and doomscrolling first thing in the morning.  And I need to change my mindset that I need my phone first thing in the morning!”


4. Put my thoughts and actions list into practice. 

What do I need to change, and what am I shifting toward?  If I’m seeking joy for my day, I think about what brings joy and replace actions that do not bring joy with activities that do!  If yoga brings me joy, then that’s what I will start with to be in that state of mind.  When I’m in a state of joy, I’m ready to serve myself, my family, and my clients.  Take note of those thoughts and actions not serving you and turn them into thoughts and actions that help you! 

NOTE TO SELF:  THIS WILL NOT BE EASY!  Your body will fight you on this.  There will be a hundred excuses for you not to move toward your new goal.  Changing your programming is never easy, but you, my friend, are worth it!   Think of how much more clear-headed, focused and loving you will be with your morning routine in your mind.  You are changing an old belief system with your thoughts and actions.  Shift away from those beliefs, thoughts, actions no longer serving you!


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5. Evaluate. 

After a few weeks, what do you notice?  Am I observing growth?  Think about your beliefs and when a belief is no longer serving you, intentionally change that story.  


Let me share with you my morning routine!  It shifts and evolves, as I shift and evolve.  My current morning routine is:

  1. Wake early between 5:15-5:30 am.
  2. Freshen up, drink some water, and brush my teeth.
  3. Mediate for 45-60 minutes in my office. My intention behind my mediation is to grow!  My goal is to identify patterns in my life that are no longer serving me.  I focus on how I will help others in my life.  It is important to me to be up early, waking before my children, so that I do not have interruptions. This allows me to set my intentions peacefully and thoughtfully. 
  4. After meditation, I might rest on my office floor and doze off.  Or some days, I might get up and do some work.  I might journal or take the dog for the walk.  Since I’m a structured person, allowing myself this period to be flexible with my time and do what feels right to my body and mind for the day is a cultivated practice. 


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Questions to reflect on to help you start your morning with purpose:

  • What is one desired emotion you want to feel in the morning to set your day’s intention?
  • Does your current morning routine set the intentions for that emotion?
  • What is one thing you are currently doing that works against this new state of mind you want to create?
  • What’s one idea to get you set with this new desired emotional goal you’ve set for yourself?
  • Tell yourself, “I’m freaking doing this!”  And, mean it. 

Are you ready to change up how you start your mornings?!  I’m getting pumped for you. Let’s go!


Podcast episode summary by the ever talented Amber Lea Russell.


Check out more about The YOU2.0 Podcast here or tune into this episode below!


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