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We all know that putting clothes on in the morning is a requirement of life, right? But what are the feelings you have about your clothes? How are they making you feel, and more importantly, how are you then showing up in your day?


If you’ve ever looked at your wardrobe and felt uninspired, you’re not alone! And that’s exactly why I am beyond excited to bring on my guest today, Kate Taylor. Kate is a fashion stylist, and she’ll be sharing  with you why styling is only 10% clothes and 90% mindset. In our conversation today we break down how to start dressing as YOU2.0 and hint hint, it doesn’t equal spending a ton of money. Kate will also share with you the two most common styling mistakes.


You can learn more about Kate here. Tune into the podcast episode below for easy listening!



Or keep reading for more insights from this podcast episode!


Raise your hand if you’ve ever dressed for the day, worn your outfit for a few minutes, realize it’s not working for you, and march yourself right back to the closet for round two?  (All the hands raise)  


The reality is, we’ve all been there. And if you’ve ever struggled to dress for the day or have felt uninspired by your clothes, this is one podcast episode you won’t want to miss!  You can read below to be inspired by tips from the talented Kate Taylor, Fashion Stylist at  Kate believes that styling your body is 10% clothes and 90% mindset.  Let’s dive in to learn more!


Styling is more than putting your clothes on and getting dressed for the day!  When you notice how your clothes are serving you, you may realize that fashion is a powerful tool to show you who you are. Your style shows on the outside, what is happening, on the inside. 


sun shine with woman smiling behind the faded white box

5 Steps to Fashionably Moving Forward to the Next Version of You:

1. Who do you want to be when you get dressed? 

If you hate how you look in your everyday clothes, you can evaluate why they aren’t serving you. You can start with your size. Are your clothes the right size?   If your clothes don’t fit you (too big or too small) or fail to make you feel fabulous, they need to go!   


2. Do your clothes make you feel good? 

Pay attention to the emotions they evoke because the right clothes have the power to make you feel good about yourself.  They will help you love yourself more and help create healthier habits when you feel good about your clothes and how they fit. Clothes can propel you into loving yourself or have the power to keep you in a cycle of shame. When you don’t feel good about what you wear, you often don’t feel good about who you are.  The outer clothing is just representing how you feel on the inside. There’s nothing more personal than the clothing we put on our bodies.  Our clothes can help us feel free or weighted.   Choose your clothes for who you want to be and who you want to represent!


3. Most of us change and evolve over time.

Suppose you’ve kept your clothes from 10 years ago, good for you.  But, stop and ask yourself, “Is that 10-year-old dress representing who I am today, ten years later?!” Most of us change and evolve over time.  Your clothing should represent that! Get clear on where you are headed and who you are becoming.  Then, label it! Do you want to be smart, edgy,  or creative?  What do these labels mean to you?  Do your clothing pieces meet these requirements? If not, your clothing is not serving its purpose and needs to be released. 


4. Dress for where you want to go in life. 

Your clothes should propel you to what you want to do, see, and have.  Show up for the person you want to be.  The way we show up (and how we look, think, and feel) determines our mindset and where we want to go. Dress for the end goal in mind and work your way backward.


woman smiling, picture of high heels, picture of clothes  hanging in a closet

5. Need help getting started? 

A great place to find ideas for your clothing can be right in your closet and on Pinterest.  Search for your clothes with your label, such as smart, edgy, or creative.  Dressing for the next best version of yourself does not require spending a ton of money! Play around with what you have in your closet. Try it on. How do you feel?  The goal is to feel AMAZING, SUCCESSFUL, POWERFUL, or whatever your label word is.  


Here’s the takeaway about styling.

Our clothes aren’t magic and can’t instantly transform us into the next version of ourselves. What changes us is when we put on clothes that help us feel powerful, beautiful, or strong; then our outer being can match our inner being.  OUR INNER LIFE CHANGES WHEN WE START SHOWING UP DIFFERENTLY ON THE OUTSIDE!

And that, my friends, is when the alignment happens.  That’s when we carry ourselves, on the outside, as powerful, beautiful, strong.  The way we present ourselves internally is altered and changed by that external alignment.  


Episode recapped by the talented Amber Lea Russell. Find more of her work here.


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Tune into this episode on the podcast here:

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