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If you have ever caught yourself saying, “If only I had more time, I could ________”, then this is the podcast episode for you!  So often, we balance many proverbial plates as entrepreneurs. Throw in your personal life and it may seem like there are not enough hours in the day!  Listen up, friends, because I’ll be sharing a productivity hack that might change the way you not only view your time, but also manage it! So, if your to-do list is as the day is long, give a listen!


Time is life’s great equalizer.  We all have the same number of hours in the day.  The idea of not having enough time is a mindset, a belief, that can be shifted.  How we think about time and how we manage our activities in those 24 hours is what makes the difference.  Do we need more time in the day?  Probably not.  Do we need to learn how to manage our activities within that time?  Absolutely!



4 Tips to Maximizing your Time and Work Production

4 ridiculously simple ways to create more time in your life in text on the front

1. Abundant Time. 

How do you view the time you have? Be willing to view time as an abundant factor in your life of which you can have extra!  A mindset of abundance, rather than scarcity, will take you far. 

2. Evaluate what’s most important.

Bob Proctor, in the ”New Lead the Field”, encourages writing down your top six activities that you need to do today.  The most important task takes the lead and the sixth item is the least important of the tasks.  Why six?  Because you will not be able to accomplish eight pages worth of a to do list, but you can accomplish six tasks when managing your time. You only move down your list when a task is fully completed to the best of your ability.  Psychologically, when we are focused on a task, no matter how long it takes and without multitasking, total focus allows us to complete a task more efficiently and effectively.  No distractions – no emails, social media, phone calls! Friends, this part takes discipline but is doable.  It’s all in the training. What steps do you need to take to expand to become more effective? 


Pro tip: Give yourself a specific amount of time to complete a task.  Work will expand to fill that time you give it so try this, give yourself a set amount of time to complete a task.  Try a 90 minutes burst to complete as many activities of your top six activities as you can.  Then evaluate when you are done and complete a different activity that fills your soul!  


3. Rocks. Pebbles. Sand.  

Imagine an empty glass vase and you are going to fill it with sand, pebbles, and rocks.  Sand represents what you do in your free time; texting, social media scrolling or online shopping, for example.  The pebbles in this glass vase represent your errands, phone calls, and basically your scheduled activities. If you are anything like me, you’ve got a lot of these! Rocks represent your top priorities, goals for your family, business, and relationships.   If you fill the glass vase with  sand, pebble, and then rocks, you may find you don’t have enough room for the rocks you want to put in.  

The order in which you pour into your life, matters. 

Evaluating what is most meaningful to you and filling your day with such, will bring immense joy to your heart and soul!   When your glass vase is filled with rocks first, you are accomplishing what gives you life and fills your soul, moves your business forward, moves your family forward, basically what moves your life forward.  These rocks grow you mentally, physically, and spiritually! The rocks in your life show you how you have added to yourself, your family, your clients, and your community. When these rocks are added first, they will all fit.  Think about that for a minute.  

The pebbles of life never go away as long as you are alive.  When not completed, these add up and weigh you down.  When completed, congratulations!  But, there will always be more!  Take caution – when you only complete the pebble items and tasks on your list, it  can and will lead to unfulfillment in life.  The adventure and sparkle from life does not come from completing the pebbles on your checklists.  

When the rocks and pebbles are in place, fill free to add that sand in!  Go watch some Netflix or scroll through Instagram knowing you have made yourself, family, and business your priority and have accomplished important tasks in these areas.  Enjoy that free time!


4. If you finish your 6 rocks for the day, don’t add more rocks (time). 

Watch out for the God of Achievement! Instead, do things that fill your soul and make you happy!  Create. Give. Nap. Read.  You deserve it!  


The whole point of this life is to become aware, explore, expand, give, and love us into who we are and the legacies we want to leave in this world. 


To learn more about Bob Proctor and the “New Lead the Field” program, visit here.

Episode recapped by the ever talented Amber Lea Russell.

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Tune into this podcast episode here:

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