Leveraging Momentum

Leveraging Momentum

Visibility is such an interesting thing. In my view, it means to show up for who you are, at your essence, and then to have the courage to speak up for your truth.

leveraging visibility

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Leveraging Momentum the Right Way

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A mindset shift toward Visibility

girl laughing holding flowers with white wall behind her and the words the importance of leveraging momentum

Hello sweet friends! 

I am beyond ready to share this part of me with you. To become visible to myself, and therefore to you as well. 

Visibility is such an interesting thing. In my view, it means to show up for who you are, at your essence, and then to have the courage to speak up for your truth. We live in a society where becoming visible to who you really are is often talked about, but when your truth goes against the grain, well watch out! It takes courage to stand in your truth when you receive push back and verbal abuse because your truth doesn’t match what ‘society’ deems is appropriate.

Inspired Action

My journey to speaking my truth wasn’t as smooth as freshly ground coffee beans (anyone love themselves a flat white??). You see, I didn’t even know what my truth was. I hid it from myself under layers of aligning with what was expected of me, both within my family and within the corporation I worked for. 

I wasn’t a victim, and these people I was surrounded by weren’t out to get me. What was holding me back, was ME. You see, it was easier for over 30 years of my life to accept who I was supposed to be and act, than it was for me to pause and ask if that action was what I really wanted.

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Badass Mindset

Then one day, in July 2018, my whole world shifted. I learned about the power of the mind, what a paradigm was, and how that was controlling my life experience from Bob Proctor. When I learned that powerful information, something inside of me opened, revealing a box that had been hidden away and covered up by the expectations for my life by everyone around me. 

What I discovered was that I loved serving others’ growth. I loved the moment when I got to watch the lightbulbs of belief light up someone’s face. I realized that I wanted to be my own boss, and create a massive platform that allowed people to safely and assertively start to uncover their own truths. 

Realizing this truth, and taking action on it, well those are two totally different things.  

So I did the safe things. I did the things I was good at. Building a business. Connecting the technology software to make everything work seamlessly and efficiently. Brand myself. Set up my accounting. Facebook ads. ‘The things.’ 

But the clients didn’t come to me in droves. Hell, I didn’t even tell my own family what I was doing for SIX MONTHS after I’d made the decision and built the business. And I definitely didn’t share about it on social media during that time. 

The timing felt so jumbled. Here I was, breastfeeding my 5 month old, working part-time in corporate and mothering my baby, 2, and 3 year old. And starting a new business that I had no clue how to run. The coaching part? That’s always been effortless and beyond pleasurable for me. But actually getting the clients. Well, that’s what this journey became about. 

Fast forward two years from that epic moment in my life, and I see where so much of my growth happened. And where I have so much more to grow into. 

It feels as though it’s so recent that I’ve finally discovered my essence. So let me share my discovery with you. Unapologetically and firmly. 

Leverage Momentum with coffee cup on table at cafe

Entrepreneuring It

My name is Christa Molter. I am a Vision + Purpose Coach, and my mission is to empower the modern day female to boldly embrace her limitless potential. To step into the epic life waiting for her on the other side of conformity and everyone else’s expectations. For her to embrace the life that is rightfully hers, and to step into the limelight of that truth. To become visible; to herself and to others.

Here’s three things I’ve learned on my own journey to becoming visible to my truth, and stepping into my epic life. 

  1. The things I didn’t want to do…. were because I was hiding. Once I stopped hiding, everything fell into place. A.k.a. Use my voice on social platforms to share these empowering messages.
  1. I had to stop asking everyone else for their opinion and make my own damn decisions. The small ones. AND the big ones. Because when I could start owning the outcomes of those decisions 100%, I could gain visibility to my own guiding light and true north. 
  1. I had to start owning that my truth was special. And stop comparing my journey to anyone else’s. The voices saying ‘it’s too crowded. No one wants to hear from you. You don’t have anything new to say’ blah blah blah. Those were the old paradigms, old programmed thinking. Those voices weren’t coming from my intuition or my spiritual connection with God and the Universe. 

You have an essence. A core. A message. A truth. And it’s only yours. And equally so, it’s here for you to bear. For you to nurture and bring to life. 

I am so thrilled and honored for the opportunity to share this message with you. And if I can play any part, large or small, in the awakening of your soul, then I have beared my truth as I’ve been called to. 

So much love is here for you, sweet friend. 

xx, Christa

Learn more about my story here. And ready to tune into your intuition? Check out my manifesting with intuition course!

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