10 Tips To Get Comfortable Selling… NOW!

Who says feeling like an imposter has to be a bad thing? Ready for a shift?

7 tips to Mastering imposter syndrome

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Raise your hand if you get excited about selling and sales calls….

<Sound of chirping crickets fills the room> 

plants on stand behind words how to get comfortable selling your productsWe grew up seeing and hearing old school sales techniques leaving those of us in the business of pitching personal services feeling just plain icky. But for entrepreneurs and small business owners, sales are too much of a necessity to shirk away from, no matter how they make us feel. The good news is that selling doesn’t have to make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed – using today’s tips provided in this episode, you will learn to serve as you sell, and friends, that’s a game-changer!

I sat down to meet with the indomitable Tim Smith this week. This humble man is a legend, but unless you have the pleasure of knowing him personally – chances are you haven’t heard his name before. Let’s just say tooting his own horn isn’t his thing, which makes it even more enjoyable for me to introduce you to my former colleague and friend. Since he won’t brag about his accomplishments, I will! During his sales tenure at a Fortune 500 company, Tim was the first sales rep in company history to pass $100 million in sales. He also held the honor of being the top sales Rep of the Year for 9 out of 10 years!  I am so excited for you all to learn from him!


You can give the episode a listen, but for those readers in the room, I have also included Tim’s top 10 tips for getting comfortable with selling in summary below: 



1. Confidence

Confidence will ebb and flow, but nothing will help you sell more than humble confidence in the product you sell. 

2. Check Your Mindset

There will be calls that just don’t sell. Don’t get down on yourself. Cultivate a habit of post-call evaluations, and examine where communication succeeded and where it went awry. Become conscious of the practice of desperation so you can reset and remember your confidence in your product.

3. Be in tune

Become hyper-aware of the emotion behind your words. Words matter, but how you use them matters more. 

4. Be Prepared

Know the objective of the sales call. What are you trying to accomplish? Is it one thing, or is it multiple things? Also, be very aware to who you are selling. Are there others who will come into play in this sale? What is the next step? Knowing where you are going with your message lets those transitions be fluid. 

5. Game Plan

Like anything, sales calls take experience. It’s like a basketball game – you have your plan, but you modify as things change throughout the game. women with hands behind head in yellow sweater and blue background

6. Post Selling Call Reflection

Start by looking at your call plan. Make a note of what you accomplished. Did you achieve your objective? Look at your performance against the goal you set for yourself. Grow in confidence over where you succeeded. Make a plan for what to do differently next call.

7. Focus on what you can control

Not every reason you aren’t making a sale is within your control. Focus on what you can change. When life sends obstacles (like Covid, for example), look for opportunities rather than what is holding you back from business as usual.

8. It’s ok to grieve losses

When there is an obstacle that requires a pivot, it’s ok to feel disappointed and frustrated, but don’t dwell on those negative emotions – look for how you can get a competitive advantage by meeting the needs of your buyers in this new season. 

9. Relationships matter

Not just with a potential buyer but with others that can serve your buyer. Even if it doesn’t directly benefit you, taking care of client needs strengthens your sales relationship. 

10. Give first

Be the first to give. Expect nothing in return. You may not get anything back, and that’s okay because it feels great to give, and it builds relationships. 

If these talking points hit an “aha!” button for you, I’d love for you to check out Tim’s internationally sold book, “Loyalty Based Selling” – it’s phenomenal. You can learn more from this humble midwest guy and his million-dollar selling techniques by checking out this Amazon link!

Learn more about the YOU2.0™ Podcast and My Three Lessons from Corporate here.

Episode summary by the ever talented Amber Lea Russell

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