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10 ceo + life organizational tips with desk as background

Where are my d*** car keys?’ How many times have you said or heard that in your life (or even just the last week!) As a mom, it’s important to stay organized, and not just because everyone seems to expect you to answer the ‘where is the…’ questions. Add in being the CEO of your business? Organization skills become mission-critical to keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently. I think we can all agree, life gets so much easier when all aspects of your life (including your business) are tidy, humming along, and well organized.

An outside world that’s organized reflects an inside world that feels relaxed and filled with clarity. So, give yourself a quick score. Look around you. Is your desk tidy? Your car? Home? Business? Your client’s experiences?
Are most of your answers swinging one way or the other? Frequently when I’m working with clients, it’s like an avalanche—an avalanche of chaos or an avalanche of order.

These 10 Organization Tips will get you heading toward the orderly side of running your life and business efficiently and effectively as the CEO.

hat on table overlooking ocean

Tip#1: Start Business + Life Organization on the Outside and Work Your Way In

Make a list of all of the places in your outer life that feel chaotic, and tick them off one per day. Typical things to go through include:

  • Bedroom closet
  • Kitchen pantry
  • All bathroom drawers
  • Your desk
  • The office
  • Your car
  • Your purse
  • The basement bins of old stuff
  • The fridge

10 ceo + life organizational tips with desk as background

Tip#2: Lean Into The ‘Nesting’ Feeling

Can I share a secret? When you get that ‘organization nesting’ feeling where you’re ready to go through your home and giveaway, use, or re-organize your belongings, it means that some GREAT things are coming to you for your business. How do I know? Well, if there’s a lot of unfinished business, decisions hanging over your head (keep it/don’t keep it, use it/don’t use it, donate it/hold onto it), then those decisions start to clutter up your mind. That means they’re taking up precious space that you could otherwise be using to grow your business, launch the next product, or over-serve your clients in new ways. Your mind only has so much space to think, so removing the lingering information means you’ll get ahead in ALL aspects of your life.


Tip#3: Closet Organization a.k.a The Purge

white shirts hanging up in cedarwood closet

Give yourself some time and space for this organization activity. Put on your favorite music and pour some wine, and enjoy the process you’re about to experience as you organize your closet.

  1. Take everything out of your closet. EVERYTHING.
  2. Make three piles 1. Donate 2. Resell 3. Evaluate
  3. Hold up each clothing (including socks and underwear!) and put it in one of the three piles. Anything you think you may want to keep, put in the evaluate pile. Anything you automatically know you’re done with, decide to resell or donate.
  4. Once you’ve gone through everything, move the donate and resell piles out of your room, where you don’t see them.
  5. Try on each piece of clothing you want to evaluate. That clothing goes into one of three piles: 1. Donate 2. Resell 3. Keep
  6. Once you’ve gone through everything, take all of your donations and resell out, put them in bags, and your car. I mean it, don’t postpone this step. Get them out of your house and life.
  7. Now, re-hang everything in your keep pile. Personally, I like to hang by type so that I can easily make an outfit. So group all your:
    • Pants
    • Tank tops
    • Tee shirts
    • Long sleeve shirts
    • Blazers
    • Sleeveless shirts
    • Vests
    • Dresses
    • Skirts

Now it’s time to feel amazing friend. Cheers to you!

10 ceo + life organizational tips with bed as background

Tip #4: Office Paperwork Organization 

I’m amazing each time I do this exercise, how much more I’m ready to part with than the last time I did it. Go through those bookshelves or drawers in your office and again, three piles. 1. Throwaway 2. Recycle 3. Keep

And for everything you’re keeping, does it need to stay in your office, or is there another spot in your home (basement maybe?) where it could get tucked away, and you could then take that deep satisfying breath of how well the organization of your office feels?


Tip #5: Pantry Organization

wooden spoon and brush next to three cubes of cheese on kitchen counter

Again, pour that glass of wine, put on some great tunes, and roll up your sleeves. There’s no perfect way to do this except to DO IT. Put all like items together on the shelves. Toss expired items. Food nearing expiration should be placed in front or moved into the kitchen to eat within the next week. 


Tip #6: Pick One Area Per Day To Tackle

Make your list. Check it off. But choose one house location per day to get overwhelming or become something that derails your whole weekend. I love to tackle one spot per day right after the kids are in bed. It’s a glorious wind-down feeling; I get the organization done without interruptions and go to bed feeling super satisfied. And as a bonus, if you take this route, you’ll be done in two weeks what you could have dragged out for a year or more to do. The secret here is to take action.

Don’t forget, you can grab my #1 productivity hack for free here!

Tip #7: Business Subscription + Expense Organization

This is a fun one, and it saves you a LOT of money. Go through your last 60-90 days of business expenses on your credit card. Look line item by line item. Are you still using that subscription? Did a free trial expire, and you forgot to cancel it? Every time that’s happened for me, I get a refund for that subscription by merely reaching out to the company and requesting it.

10 ceo + life organizational tips with desk and laptop behind the words

Tip #8: Business Organization: Expense and Revenue Accounting

You can make this super simple, and I’ve found the most effective way to run my business and feel organized when it comes to the finances is to do the accounting monthly. For example, here’s a super simple way to do this:

  1. Download all of your transactions into excel (credit card, bank, stripe, etc.)
  2. Open a new spreadsheet and call it ‘Your Name, Year,’ for example, ‘Christa Molter, LLC 2020.’
  3. Under one tab, label it Revenue
  4. Under the other tab label, it Expenses
  5. Drop-in all Revenue (money coming in) for the month into your business under the Revenue tab
  6. Drop-in all expenses (money going out) for the month into your Expenses tab
  7. Create a new tab and label it Profit
  8. Add up all Revenue for that month, and put it into the third tab.
  9. Add up all Expenses for that month, and put it into the Profit tab, under your Revenue number.
  10. Do the math! Subtract your expenses from your Revenue, and wallah, your Profit for the month!

10 ceo + life organizational tipsTip #9: Organization of your life expenses 

Don’t be the ostrich with their head in the sand when it comes to personal and business finances. Because the more you avoid something, the bigger a deal it becomes in your life. So figure out exactly what you’re spending each month in your personal life. This will give you a revenue target to hit and know how much you can save each month.

Tip #10: Organize of your thoughts and ideas

pink cherry blossoms on a tree with the sky in the background

As your outer world starts to get organized and you gain clarity on your finances, you’ll find yourself thinking more precisely.

With precision comes a healthier and stronger focus. As that happens, you’ll sit down to tackle something and DO IT.

If you find you’re having a lot of ‘squirrel’ moments in your day, it’s because there’s a lot on your mind that you need to get off. Write it all down. Then tackle it one at a time.

You can grab my #1 Productivity Hack here for how to tackle the essential things in your day and for your business.

And do you know how you eat an elephant? ONE BITE AT A TIME.

Not that you or I am eating elephants, but I love the metaphor. Make it a goal to get your outer world organized. Make a plan to have it happen. Keep yourself accountable to the plan. And build the badass mindset that you’re someone who gets s*** done.



PS, just starting out? Check out my freebies and grab your New Business Checklist now!

P.S.S. Ready to take action, make a plan, and roll with some incredible momentum? Then you’ll want to check out my Momentum Journal. It’s been designed to leverage your momentum for optimal growth, and keep you from taking action that actually moves you one step forward and two steps backward. Check it out here. 

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