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Is your business run on "should haves" and "must dos" built on someone else's version of success? I don't buy into that anymore. And neither should you.

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If you're ready to run a business that aligns with your own evolution, you're in the right place.

Pivoting in the midst of growth has never been easier. The key is to recognize that success and growth must be defined by your own metrics and not just by what worked well for someone else! I want to help you wake up to the realization that YOU can BE YOUR OWN HERO while running a business aligned to your values. The result is trackable growth partnered with joy, gratitude and an overwhelming sense of purpose. 

There is no magic solution. In fact there is a formula for thriving and it's available to everyone. I am here to share it with you. There is more to life than mastering the next funnel campaign or signing up for the next quick fix to show you the way. Success is obtainable and together we will unlock your full potential.


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Growing your business in alignment with your personal growth is our speciality. From personal development, to scaling your business practices, revamping your online presence and even companywide education, Christa Molter supports businesses where they are at and leads them to where they want to be. 

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When you are aligned with the work you are doing there are no limitations to the satisfaction your job will bring you. For me, coaching entrepreneurs into thriving relationships with themselves and their employees is my greatest joy. Serving you in business and mindset growth through planning, action, and confidence development is what alignment looks like for me. And together, we'll find the same for you.

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The Go-To Podcast for all humans looking to step into their next version of badass. This podcast teaches leaders how to leverage their momentum to leave their legacy. From tangible business how-tos to living your purpose everyday, We'll be having conversations connecting you to ideas you can integrate into your life to propel you on your journey of growth to that next amazing version of you.

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Whether you're a solepreneur or a company with 1,000+ employees, we serve a variety of businesses with practical services to propel your business forward. Need a website refresh, but don't have the time? We have you covered. Ready to start formalizing your hiring and employee retention processes? Can support you there too. Looking for a mindset shift in your belief and potential?  We can explore taking you to the next level together as well.

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This simple, yet overlooked productivity hack will gain you the hours back in your week that you so desperately want. 

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Ready to take your game to the next level, and want some 1-1 attention to do so?

Private Coaching with Christa  will take you deep into your subconscious, where your (ahem, clears throat) limiting beliefs are stored.

We're not interested in making temporary change in your life. We're going for the permanent changes the kind that makes you turn around a few months later pinching yourself that this really is your life.

“Christa recognizes people's inherent strengths, encourages them and formulates a plan to continue skill improvement together.”

Sara w.
project manager,
fortune 500 company

Not all leaders know how to do this and it sets Christa apart. She grows people.

“I knew from the minute I started coaching with Christa that she was superb at what she does.”

- Liz a.
Author, Influencer, Advocate

She listens so well, she has such wise and true insights. It all speaks to me on so many levels.I love the way too that she checks in to see if it is resonating with you so you are really involved in what is coming about. She is so adaptable too for each session, and so efficient in her responses and organisation.

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