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Focus your momentum the right way. Dare to move toward your dream by harnessing the power of momentum.

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This simple, yet overlooked productivity hack will  gain you the hours back in your week that you so desperately want. 

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#1 Productivity Hack to take back Hours in your Week

One of the up and coming Podcasts that is breaking the silence on how to grow your business with a balance of smart plans + accountability + expanding your CEO Mindset. Christa teaches you how to go against the grain of everything you've been taught. Come be moved toward inspired action and becoming YOU2.0™.

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YOU2.0™ with Christa Molter Podcast

From free resources and trainings to merchandise to self-paced study or 1:1 mentorship.

Christa will support your mission and accomplishing your next goal in the way that best suits your readiness level - both mentally and financially.

This is about running your business with impact and profitability - allowing you to achieve the goals you've set for yourself. 

Break Up With Busy.
Boldly Pursue Your Calling Into A CEO Mindset
Using My Proven Plan + Accountability


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Create a CEO Mindset  that works for you

You joined the CEO Club so that you could leave your unique mark on the world - your mission is strong, Let's make sure your CEO Mindset stays one step ahead of your growth.

This simple, yet overlooked productivity hack will gain you the hours back in your week that you so desperately want. 

#1 Productivity Hack
to take back hours in
your week