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How well are you owning your inner Queen?
Are you making choices that allow you to fiercely pursue and speak your truth, or are you hiding behind the safety and comfort of being the supporting actress? If you want to be the star of your own life, answer a few key questions for instant access to a customized path to living a life with passion. 

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I'm talking to you, the female entrepreneur, the stay at home mom, and the corporate leader, who's ready to live an epic life worthy of your legacy. 

This is YOU2.0.

A prosperous, visible, spiritual powerhouse, passionate about your desires and dreams, relentless in the pursuit of them, feminine,
hilarious, generous, and sexy. 

Within every woman is a superpower. Mine is
facilitating belief shifts needed for any badass woman to embrace and step into what is rightfully hers. 

I'm Christa Molter!

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One of the up and coming Podcasts that is breaking the silence on how to grow with ease and momentum. Christa teaches you how to go against the grain of everything you've been taught. Come be moved toward inspired action and becoming YOU2.0.

Unapologetically YOU2.0™ Podcast


Christa molter

coming November 2020!

Join our movement of women finding healthy rhythms as they release fears and step into visibility.

Together, our possibilities are endless.

Breaking up with busy.
learn to Boldly Pursue
Your calling with
Intuition + Inspired Action

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Why Overanalyzing Your Life Is Keeping You Stuck

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Check out my Queen2.0 Masterclass for select women determined to elevate their lives and careers through an empowered YOU2.0 mindset.

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Where my light shines the brightest! Explore in-depth articles designed to help re-program YOU1.0 limiting beliefs to create a roaring, unapologetic, badass-empowered lifestyle.

Guaranteed to make you scream: "I can't believe this stuff is free!!"


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